Dupe-plicity: Embryolisse vs. Charlotte’s Magic Cream

01 Charlottes Magic Cream DupesOne of the recurring searches that leads to our site is some variation of “Is Embroylisse a dupe for Charlotte’s Magic Cream.” Wanting a dupe for Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream is understandable: it’s now an eye-popping $100 for 1.7 oz. ($58.82/oz.). Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre is a bargain at $16 for 1.0 oz. or $28 for 2.6 oz. ($10.77/oz.).

In my review of Magic Cream, I stated that they weren’t dupes based on trying Embryolisse on the back of my hand. Since then, I’ve tried a sample of Embryolisse and can do a more detailed comparison of the two.

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Magic: The Gathering (of Makeup): DIY Missha Magic Cushion Review + Tutorial

01 DIY Custom Cushion Compact TutorialI love cushion compacts and I love customized things, so a DIY cushion compact is just up my alley. A DIY cushion is also a great solution for the dearth of cushion compacts for deeper skin tones and the general dearth of cushion versions of color makeup (highlighter, blush, bronzer).

A’Pieu and Missha actually have empty cushion compacts made for this purpose. I’ve seen some other DIY tutorials involving kitchen sponges, stamp/finger-wetting sponges, and regular makeup sponges. But the Missha Magic Cushion is so cheap ($10-13) that I figured I may as well just buy one that’s intended specifically for this purpose.

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Worth It? Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Review

01 Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Review“$95 for moisturizer?!” you screech. “Are you crazy?!”

Why yes, I am crazy. Crazy for dewy, moist skin.

Before I get into why I love Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream ($95 for 1.7 fl. oz.) and why I think you can pass on it, let me show you the gorgeous packaging and attention to detail. The outer box and the wraparound insert unfold like a blooming flower. Finally, when you get past all of that, the jar–with the CT logo right side up–reveals itself in all its rose gold and heavy glass splendor.

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