A Little Lip ‘n Tuck – My Restylane Lip Filler

Yeah thanks Bob Dylan, homie. Have you had lip fillers too? ::beads of sweat::

Out of my extraordinary vanity and flirtation with experimentation, I got lip fillers in LA. Behold the horrors in the name of fleeting youth and beauty. Yeah I fking took a selfie as the needle went in. I have giant metal testicles.

This was not the first time I got injectables, of course. I’ve gotten medical Botox for bruxism (severe tooth grinding) to release the tension in my jaw. A large number of Asians get this procedure to reduce the size of their jaw line, to get that V-shaped face. Word to the wise: it doesn’t reduce everyone’s jaw line. My jaw line remains the same but it does help a lot with my tooth grinding. Combined with a mouth guard at night, it really relieves jaw, temple, and neck tension and stops my teeth from being ground all the way to the gums. I don’t have experience with Botox as a cosmetic procedure.

I’ve also gotten dermal fillers for the nasolabial folds  (laugh lines) and the hollows of my eyes, which is cosmetic. In addition I briefly got an injection for a liquid nose job, which is where they attempt to raise your nose bridge using dermal fillers. Doesn’t really work that well on Asians.

Despite previous experiments, I’m more thrilled about this lip procedure. It feels so much sexier, like a new vampy lipstick to the extreme. I will mean if the Kardashians can transform from a clan of Jafars (refer to Disney’s Aladdin) to Jasmines, then why not?
Regardless of your views on cosmetic surgery, I’m a believer in being comfortable with yourself and your decisions. Sure this may be a slippery slope into Botched land but nothing’s worse than 1. Self denial and 2. Denial (i.e: if you do, don’t be a lying bitch about it)

Here are the 4 steps of my lippie inflatie:

Yikes. You see that 24-48 hour later? That’s some octo-mom shit. At that point I was about to panic thinking it might just stay like an inflatable duck’s lips. The swelling stung and made my lips all chapped. It went down after 2 days.

This was me exactly 1 week later ringing in New Year’s Eve with some brand new lusciousness. It looks as though I only did bottom lip, but I did both lips. Since my top is naturally a little thinner, and my doctor went along the natural look, the bottom appears more plump.

Below is a side by side with my old pic for comparison. It appears that my titties evaporated in the aftermath of the injection but it’s just cropping and wrong bra I swear.

So how does this pit stop (injectables) before plastic surgery land work?

Usually there’s a syringe of either Botox or dermal filler (a hyaluronic acid of some sort, like Restylane. Collagen or other polymers may be used but I haven’t had experience with those.)

If you do nasolabial folds or the hollows under the eyes, you just get the injection. The doctor will feel your muscles and evaluate your facial structure and apply where needed. It feels exactly like getting a flu shot…in your face. Sounds gnarly but also just a pinch. Also there MAY be minor bruising at the injection site but nothing major. Zero downtime.

The lip filler on the other hand, is a monster because your lips are much more sensitive. I got 4 novocaine shots: one on each corner of the mouth, top and bottom. This is the exact substance used by dentists before fillings and tooth extractions. It feels exactly like getting it at the dentist except it goes on the top of the lips and not the gums. And it is identical in pain level. In other words it fking HURTS.

After the anesthesia kicks in,the entire bottom half of your face is dead numb so the injection for the fillers won’t hurt at all. But….you won’t be able to talk right or eat at all for about 4 hours depending on quickly this stuff wears off on your body.

And your lips will swell up like balloons and get all chapped. Probably dead skin making way for bigger puckers. Just apply lip balm every 5 minutes. It’s also sore and stingy from the injection sites and there may be a couple of spots of bruising but that can be hidden with lipstick.

After one week they will look pretty much like they will do the rest of the time. Usually this is when people go to retouch or get topped off but I did this in LA so no opportunity. Plus I didn’t think it was necessary.

Here’s what they look like with lipstick on:

Oh wait, no this is what they look like with lipstick on. Wearing Kevyn Aucoin Expert Lip Color in Bloodroses and M.A.C lip pencil in Burgundy. Brows are tattoos.

I love fillers because their pure presence in your body attracts more collagen to the injection site. I think of it as a collagen kickstart. Fillers (like hyaluronic acid) also consist of material that your body naturally produces and harmlessly reabsorbed eventually. It’s both good and bad, cuz it’s not forever and it’s pricey. But it’s super reversible. In fact you can dissolve it right away with another shot if you’re not feeling the new look.

And what do they feel like? Your lips feel the same, just plumper and a tiny big more taut. I can feel there’s a soft gel like substance inside but it doesn’t move around and it’s not uncomfortable.


expensive ($500-$1000) for one filler syringe, need to do homework on surgeons and their technique and artistry as well as medical training, temporary


lovely subtle results if you don’t overdo it, it does temporarily encourage additional collage production wherever you put it

18 Replies to “A Little Lip ‘n Tuck – My Restylane Lip Filler”

  1. Holy crap that needle is way down in there 😥
    Do you think it was worth it? How long do you expect it to last? I’d give you some of mine if I could! ❤

    1. Yes it’s worth it because I paid nothing for it (leftovers from first tube of Restylane.) The length of the effect really depends on the individual and how fast their body absorbs the hyaluronic acid. It could be as little as 6 months and as long as 1.5 years. My first attempt at fillers lasted about 18 months.

  2. How long does the pain last? My lower lip is slightly smaller than my upper lip which has always bothered me, and making the lower one bigger seems less invasive than making the top one smaller!

    1. The pain only lasts through the shots. After the anesthesia wears off, it will sting like you have severely chapped lips for about 24+ hours. But everyone is different so it depends on how your body heals. This is minimally invasive and very low downtime.

  3. Can I ask which dr in L.A. you went to? Every doctor seems to only use ice or a topical numbing cream before injecting… I would love for them to numb my whole face.

  4. Oh man! That shoutout to Disney with that Jafar/Jasmine comment! Your lips look amazing! I know it wasn’t your intention, but thanks for the little tidbits about laugh line fillers. I’ve always wondered what that would entail.

    1. No worries! The fillers sting just a bit as the needle goes in. The doctor will massage it a little. After one week when it nicely settles, the line/crevice is less deep or goes away completely. My fillers lasted about 18 months but your mileage may vary. Good luck and stay gorgeous!

  5. Your lips look plump and juicy in isolation but I think you look prettier with your natural lips in the side-by-side comparison. The plumped-up lips throw off the natural balance of your features somewhat. But I do think it would be fun to have big, juicy lips every once in a while. Good thing it’s temporary!

  6. THEY LOOK AMAZING. I’ve always had a complex over my lips and will definitely look into something like this if the results can possibly look even half as great as yours. Also that lip colour is to die for.

    1. Fillers do work and I love the results. But they’re pretty expensive and you gotta keep on doing them. I just got them done again this past Christmas cuz I’m greedy. They are freaking awesome! Btw have you heard of candylipz? Not that I recommend them. But they’re little suction cups that pump your lips bigger. An inexpensive alternative to injections I suppose.

      1. I wonder about those too! But knowing my paleass self I’d get lovely lipline hickies 😂. I’m also curious about the jaw injections since I have TMJ “lockjaw” disorder and it’s like you said above – headaches, stiffness everywhere in the neck and jaw…I hear it’s pretty much the only way to ease the pain 🤔

  7. Yeah I use Botox in conjunction with a mouth guard at night. The Botox really works to reduce muscle stiffness, but around 6 months I can feel the muscles clench again so you have to continue to maintain. Some ppl use Botox in the same muscles to reduce the jaw line although my jaws look pretty much the same for the last 6+ years.

  8. Injectable fillers like Restylane do work – I had them many times – but new lines are always being created, so this problem can never be permanently solved unless you use another treatment after the fillers. For the last 6 months, i have been using the Somaluxe Lip Rescue – and I have NO NEW LIP LINES. They product has collagen in it, and it does plump out my lips and keeps the restalyne last longer.

  9. Wow, what an amazing transformation. I am also thinking of lip transformation. And i am inspired by your blog, it gives me such an inspiration. I definitely going to follow your tips.

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