Tattly Tale – My Tattooed Beauty

I made a joke that you can wipe off my beauty with a Kleenex. Well now bitch you can’t! Cuz I gots me tattoos.

Ok I’ve had brow tattoos before young women nowadays even got into it, when the non-angry-Asian-lady-blue-eyebrow was newly imported technology from Asia. I’ve had brow tattoos for 10 years! But I’ve added eyeliner as well. For a better blog post about this, refer to http://xliciousgirl.com/2013/05/semi-permanent-eyeliner-by-sherri-makeup/

UPDATE Jan. 2016: Angela posted about her experience getting brow tattoos for the first time.

But for immediately satisfying pictures, look at this:

This is 24 hours after my eyeliner (first time for eyeliner) tattoo procedure and brow retouch. My eyelids look large and pretty as if I’d gotten eyelid surgery but this is swelling, ladies. From a thousand pin pricks of tattoo ink into your lash line. Does it hurt? Like a motherfker! But it’s damn worth it.

This is immediately after the procedure. My eyes burned.

Sorry for the Clockwork Orange creepy eyelid pull but wanted to show you the detail. It’s extremely subtle looking straight on, but it’s a very meticulous line that makes all the difference.

My brows were filled out to be more evenly. I didn’t take great “before” pictures because I’m lazy and it’s easy to imagine a completely hairless mole rat’s face as reference for “before.”  Here’s an idea of how she filled them out to be thicker. Realize that this particular before pic were also tattooed eyebrow; the brows just needed retouching:

I’ll update on a list of places you can get nice brows. It’s much more popular these days so you can ALMOST get good work in any major city. But for the longest time it was only on the West coast, which is where I still think the best work is done outside of Asia.

Pros: it will change your life!

Cons:  expensive, painful

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