2019 Furvorites

So we’re firmly into 2020 and just now posting our 2019 furvorites. Blame it on too much gallivanting during the pawliday season.

Renee’s Furvorites

So WordPress has converted to some asinine “block” editor thing which I accidentally accepted. And now I am like a Boomer on AOL dial-up. STOP FIXING shit that don’t need fixing.

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Tattly Tale – My Tattooed Beauty

I made a joke that you can wipe off my beauty with a Kleenex. Well now bitch you can’t! Cuz I gots me tattoos.

Ok I’ve had brow tattoos before young women nowadays even got into it, when the non-angry-Asian-lady-blue-eyebrow was newly imported technology from Asia. I’ve had brow tattoos for 10 years! But I’ve added eyeliner as well. For a better blog post about this, refer to http://xliciousgirl.com/2013/05/semi-permanent-eyeliner-by-sherri-makeup/

UPDATE Jan. 2016: Angela posted about her experience getting brow tattoos for the first time.

But for immediately satisfying pictures, look at this:

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