CC Next Tuesday – IT Cosmetics CC + Veil Beauty Fluid Foundation SPF 50

Foundation cushions are officially mainstream now that L’Oreal came out with the True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation in 12 shades. But once upon a time in 2015, tanner shades weren’t easy to come by. To demonstrate her love and affection for me, even though I’m tan, Angela got me the below for Christmas. No, not the sushi cat, the cushion!

Behold the IT Cosmetics CC + Veil Beauty Fluid Foundation SPF 50

The It Cosmetics CC+ Vail Beauty Fluid Foundation SPF 50+

This is a very important key factor for me in any SPF foundation cushions: PHYSICAL sunscreen. The universe mocks me because I have freckles, I don’t want any more freckles, and I’m ALLERGIC to chemical sunscreens (which are often used for higher SPF numbers.) As you can see from the image below, it’s 12.1% titanium dioxide and 6.3% zinc oxide and none of the scary chemical stuff.

The ingredient list is kinda long and my eyes just kinda glaze over it. At the very bottom is a list of nice-sounding fancy botanical extracts. Whether they do anything or whether they are included in anything but microscopic amounts is not verifiable by me. It does give me a thrill thinking that slathering on nice botanicals will enhance my skin.
The case is a pristine lightweight metallic compact with a white puff. It looks really really really lovely but I’m sure with my messiness and inaccurate patting, it’s gonna look worse than a tester at Sephora.
Now, on to the shade of SUPER BROWN. This is pretty much the exact opposite of those creamy white formulas that I pray would oxidize nicely into a tan-orange. I was like “I hope it’s paler on my face.” I guess Angela thinks my peasant coloring is deeper than it really is.

I guess the swatch picked up a lot of pigment, which made the foundation appear darker. Or purrrhaps my hands are a few shades lighter than my face….? That would be pretty  odd since I don’t spend the majority of time wearing gloves (doing way fewer anal probes these days.)

Behold ze CC in action! Not bad eh? It blends naturally and my freckles are less pronounced, but there is still the look of naked smooth skin. Coverage is sheer to sheer-medium.

My only gripe is that the cushion doesn’t come with a refill. WTF, yo? This would make it almost twice as expensive as other more renowned cushions like IOPE and such. Good thing it was a gift.

Conclusion and similar products

Smooth sheer coverage for those who don’t want that grayish pale thick paste that most cushions give off. So far I’m still in love with those that I DIY’ed. Angela seems to like Amore Pacific and all the other PALE cushions so refer to her stuff.


Decent coverage and very high sun protection factors. Positive notes all around


MUY expensive and comes with NO refill. Product (0.34g) goes really really fast. Ask Angela to gift it to you instead for Christmas. Heh heh heh.


9 Replies to “CC Next Tuesday – IT Cosmetics CC + Veil Beauty Fluid Foundation SPF 50”

      1. I was gonna get it when they had a boxing day sale here in Australia but my shade was sold out 😦

      2. Aw darn that sucks! Sometimes I try the international sites if they have free shipping. Just choose “ship to other locations” in the site menu and check out the inventory.

  1. But look at those lips girl! Full and pouty without looking like Hollywood- where it seems they all are experiencing an allergic reaction! Cushion looks nice & even & smooth. Still trying to find my cushion bae. Right now I am using Lioeles Dollish bb (the smell -swoon!) and Dollish Ceravae CC (no flakes and cracks at the end of the day! And no pore magnification)…

      1. I can’t tell if it’s the cream that caused it or just hormones since I have a lot of hormonal breakouts. With sunscreen my skin is just sensitive in the fact that it burns, which IT cosmetics doesn’t do to me haha.

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