Knock knock, Whoo’s There: The History of Whoo Honey Ginseng Sleeping Mask

I was in Atlanta (do they still call it Hot-lanta?) visiting a baby (always feel compelled to clarify that it’s not mine) and picked up an amazing night/sleeping mask that I’d never seen on the shelves before. As soon as our eyes met, they locked and we were in lurrve. I said “I must have you,” and she said “Only $45 baby” Online is much more and I’ve not seen it often in stores.

Behold The History of Whoo Honey Ginseng Sleeping Mask

Being a fan of The History of Whoo (among my first KoreanBeauty loves) I knew she’s another good one and would never let me down. I was right, Whew (or do I mean whoohoo?)

This Gonjinhyan (I think it’s the Korean version of Yin and Yang…to imply balance and restoration) the marketing literature indicates:

Han (dunno what that means) combines two skin care power ingredients: honey and ginseng to bask your dermis in luxury. And…something is lost in translation but it gives you “cold sex skin skin.” Yep it does.

  • Product function: Fluid and nutrition supply for cold sex skin skin, relieve warming with ginseng and honey ingredient, provide adequate fluid and nutrition to skin, at the same time of sleep, let skin is the most appropriate temperature and moisture, make skin moist and smooth! Method of use: After facial cleaning, in the final stages of fundamental nursing, take proper amount and evenly throughout the face, gently massage to mask when absorbed directly to sleep, wash with warm water, the next morning after washing can be lasting moisturizing skin.

Everything about the packaging is product porn to me. It even comes with a brush in its own sleeve! Because who would apply such a precious product with their fingers like a Neanderthal?? Ok I do, because using those brushes just cause product waste. I rub my hands together afterwards so that the product can cover my hands too.

The squeeze tube is topped with an embossed gold tone cap and foil sealed of course. It’s in a delicate light blue with an oriental pattern background.

After just the first night of use, my skin was immediately taught and supple and moist. Every time I stray away from this line, and go back, I am amazed at the difference it makes on my tired skin. Wherever I roam in experimentation, Whoo is a good place to come home to and reset at the baseline. Love love love.


Beautiful packaging, effective and obvious results (skin is brighter, softer, more ‘springy’,) not heavily floral scented like other Whoo products.


Pretty expensive at $45 or more, hard to find, can be too rich for some people but I have combo skin and it’s quite nice on my skin.

6 Replies to “Knock knock, Whoo’s There: The History of Whoo Honey Ginseng Sleeping Mask”

  1. First, why DO you feel compelled to inform everyone that babies may not be yours?
    Second, that brush! The packaging! The promise of “cold sex skin skin”!

    I’ve never tried Whoo before, weird since I’ve tried pretty much everything. But I’m compelled to try this considering my skin is looking a little neglected—and I’m totally one for immediate gratification!

  2. When I saw the first photo scrolling through my feed, I literally went, “OOOOOOOHHH…” I’ve never seen that gorgeous color scheme before in my (limited) time browsing History of Whoo packaging!
    Do you think this would be light enough to use during oh, oh, those summer nights?

  3. Who doesn’t want cold sex skin skin, am I right? Sounds like a great product line. Mizon was my first K-beauty love; my skin is oily and acne-prone, and their essences and moisturizers aren’t too heavy – it’s hard to walk that line between ‘dewy’ and ‘greasy,’ lol.

    Great post! I love your little cartoons in the images, too cute!

  4. Hi!
    I purchased a 5-piece trial kit of the HoW Seol line. After two nights’ use, I already see a difference in my skin. I think this is a new love. I live far, far away from an Asian beauty store. How can I get my hands on this ginseng mask?

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