Matcha Up – Jeju Natural Green Tea Mask

Why did Marx hate Earl Grey? Because all proper tea is theft. Buahahahahahahaha. Get it? Get it?……I’ll see myself out.

I was visiting a baby (not mine, from what I remember) in Atlanta, GA over the weekend. This marks the 12th consecutive weekend I haven’t been home, or something like that. By Atlanta I mean the suburbs of Atlanta, like deep suburbs where nothing is in sight except empty roads and strip malls. And mother of god, there was an H-Mart? WTF? H-Mart! And inside this H-Mart was a beauty store with a mask-only tiny counter. It was like the Russian dolls of Asian marts.

So I picked up this random box of 10 masks for $20. Based on information from our fabulous followers, this shit could’ve been bought for $10. Cries.

But behold, the Jeju Natural Green Tea Mask by Welcos:

 Why did I pick this up? Because due to my generosity of handing out sheet masks, and my obsession with sheet masking EVERY DAY, I’m about 1/2 way through my refrigerator drawer of sheets. And at  $20, this was the right price point for a box of 10 to satisfy my curiosity. The ingredient list is very sparse compared to most sheet masks. But that’s ok. It certain-tea serves the purrrpose of replenishing my supplies and has enough whatever-extract to make me feel that it’s doing some good.

As far as sheet masks, this is about on par with the cheaper masks out there. The paper is standard thickness, and is folded into itself with no primary and secondary separator. The others (from L’Herboflore or Freeset) come with a thin plastic backing or two so you can easily unfold the mask. The sheet is well-soaked  but the fit is pretty much horrible. It is too thick to lay completely flat on your face, and too big in the eye sockets and mouth areas.

Of course these sheets call for my trusty Daiso Silicone Mask protector to tighten and keep the moisture in. The Jeju green tea mask is pretty minty for some reason. It’s one of those that tingle. I don’t know how I feel about this tingling itchy sensation. I’m allergic to most things on earth so it’s a bit unsettling.

After removal, there is no chemical burn and no Deadpool transformation so I guess the tingling isn’t indicative of anything too harmful. However I wouldn’t say this is the most relaxing face mask ever thanks to that sensation. It makes me just a little paranoid.

Overall it’s kinda meh. My face isn’t any smoother or brighter or younger. Green tea is supposed to have plenty of antioxidants but I guess that’s not immediately going to show on your skin? Also my skin isn’t doing so well these days because I’d been slacking on the AB routine due to frequent snow trips. Damnit! The mask isn’t fast-tracking me back to my normal AB skin so I’d give it a C+. Good as a filler for days when you just need something minty to slap on.


Inexpensive, semi-calming minty effect IF you’re into that, generous with serum.


Ill-fitting, tingling sensation could be sign of unfavorable skin reaction.



4 Replies to “Matcha Up – Jeju Natural Green Tea Mask”

  1. I have the tea tree and honey flavors on their way, and now I am less than excited for their arrival. That fit does seem awful, and ill-fitting sheet masks send my OCD into full gear, so… I wish you’d tested this a week or so ago. 😛

  2. Lol, I wish I’d run into this a week earlier in Atlanta! But hey, we all need an ill-fitting mask or two to make those supremely nice hydrogel ones seem just that much nicer! And who knows, maybe you will like them. I wanted to try the honey too =)

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