Woman in the Iron (ok – silicone) Mask – Daiso Japan Reusable Silicon Mask Cover for Sheet Mask

When I met up with Angela in LA, she was a woman on a mission to Daiso. For those who aren’t familiar, Daiso is a Japanese dollar store where all kinds of housewares are $1.50. It’s highly addictive because many items are made in Japan and of decent quality. It really only exists in Asia and the West Coast. Daiso’s beauty section can be huge and includes awesome stuff like false lashes and this WTF item that A was hunting for:

She really really wanted it. And I am an admirer of her WTF Files because they are amusing and CAN sometimes be extremely useful. We hunted across a couple of Daiso stores but only found silicone covers for feet and limbs and such (I don’t know WHY you’d need such a thing, but Japan has some strange apparatuses).

I can’t tell what the back says but obv there are no ingredients. It’s just a silicone mask that looks like a pink auto-erotic asphyxiation device…wait no I don’t know what those look like either.

When you unfold it, it looks like a creepy front of someone’s face. Like a sheet of skin that got lifted off. How macabre; I love it!

Here it is in action. Apparently you can use it alone to steam your face, or on top of a sheet mask to prevent evaporation and to hold those pesky ill-fitting suckers into place. I tried it first without a sheet mask:

Then with one:

Ohhhh so hot! This is gonna be my new Tinder profile pic. No but really it’s kind of stifling and hot even though there are breathing holes. You can cut it to make it fit better but I have a small face so I kept it in its original shape.

Roxy loves the mask and thinks Maman looks hot even though hoomans would run for the hills. I used a black sheet mask this time to better show the silicone cover in action:

The Japanese Skincare Revolution suggests steaming your face and putting shrink wrap over your face to soak it in moisture. There’s a Dailymail article about it too. So hey, this mask is a lot better than that one time I used Saran Wrap and didn’t poke breathing holes in them. Beauty can be so suffocating!

Pros: cheap, reusable, convenient, helps enhance your sheet masks!

Cons: very hard to find. We didn’t end up finding it at Daiso so I got it on Amazon and paid $5.92 which is a 394% mark up but it’s still worth every damn penny.

15 Replies to “Woman in the Iron (ok – silicone) Mask – Daiso Japan Reusable Silicon Mask Cover for Sheet Mask”

  1. OH! I only use this with “cheapie” masks that don’t have a lot of essence to begin with because it eventually gets tiresome to use every time. It makes the mask adhere better and you’re really PEELING it off your face.

      1. I do, it’s great for masks that slip or doesn’t have much essence as you said, but I dislike the tight feeling (especially over the ears) because I feel it takes away the relaxing therapy time my masking gives me. It is a genius invention though.. All the possibilities!

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