Mourning After – Naruko Vitamin K Up All Night Eye Mask

I wasn’t up all night but I was up all weekend as a bridesmaid in LA. This Naruko mask was beckoning me from the bottom of the fridge (where I keep all my masks and none of my food).  
The mask claims: “effectively improves dark circles and eye circulation while providing long-lasting moisture. Gives you bright, hydrated skin around the eyes.” It came to me from the latest Rox Box / care package. No doubt Ange bought it because of the cat on the cover, as we enthusiastically bring all cat-related things into our lives (in that cool mysterious ancient Egyptian way, not like in the current annoying internet cat craze way, right…?) It contains Vitamin K, which Wikipedia says is “a group of structurally similar, fat-soluble vitamins the human body needs for complete synthesis of certain proteins that are required for blood coagulation” If this is in fact for puffy eyes and dark circles, I would think that blood coagulation is not desired. If anything, you’d want anti-coagulation. But who needs science? If it works for the roaming outdoor cat on the cover, who obviously stayed out past her curfew, it must werk for us hoomans.

The pouch contained way more serum than expected for an eye mask. I rubbed the serum all over my face, neck, and arms and legs. The patches kept on sliding down which can be annoying if you’re walking around instead of lying down. It’s not necessarily a bad tradeoff for some extra liquidy goodness. After about 15 minutes my undereye area started to tingle and itch like crazy. There’s nothing particularly alarming in the ingredients list, even though there are some ingredients with lots of scary “x” in their names. Just to be sure though, I removed the mask. I didn’t want the additional puffiness of a rash on top of my tired eye puffiness.

I liked the fact that the mask was wide enough to cover your cheeks and entire undereye area. I didn’t like that it itched. So this is a one-time only trial for the “up-all-night” treatment. Also while my face was moisturized, I didn’t see any additional brightening or reduction in puffiness.

Pros: cute packaging, interesting ingredients. Easily found everywhere.

Cons: itching!

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