Im-Macula Conception: Ishizawa Lab Tsukema Bath False Eyelash Cleanser 

Eyelash out whenever I wear those industrial strength lash glues for my RuPaul-style falsies and they create a sticky residue on the super expensive mink false lash bands. And behold my savior:

Not a word of English but the picture says it all. The back of the package promises goo-free, clean, separated false lash fibers after you give your falsies a bath:

I wore the below beauties as part of my bridesmaid getup for my friend’s wedding this past weekend. They’re the Boudoir lashes from House of Lashes. They are stunning, but those Revlon Precision Lash Adhesives that kept them on for 16 hours were suuuuuuper stuck on the band:

To preserve the fibers and avoid tugging at the glue to get it off (I’ve damaged and torn apart a few pairs trying to peel the glue off,) I gave my lashes a nice relaxing bath soak in the solution. At first the solution looks like normal eye makeup remover but it’s slightly slimy and oily. The texture is unlike normal makeup remover for sure:

The cleanser comes with a round container which you use to pour the solution in and soak the lashes. I think I used too much solution but I wanted the lash bands to soak completely in it:

This one use took ~1/10th of the container so I was pretty sad that it took so much to soak the lashes, but the results were awesome. The glue turned into a mushy white residue which was easier to rub off.

Since it takes so much solution and it’s not cheap ($20) I think I’ll save this lash bath soak for my higher end, well-behaved falsies. Still, a very good purchase from Takashima in Focus Plaza.

Pros: WORKS very well, handy little container and solution, cute packaging. 

Cons: very difficult to find, expensive, perhaps dupe-able with eye makeup remover plus alcohol plus dish detergent to dissolve the glue?

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