Woman in the Iron (ok – silicone) Mask – Daiso Japan Reusable Silicon Mask Cover for Sheet Mask

When I met up with Angela in LA, she was a woman on a mission to Daiso. For those who aren’t familiar, Daiso is a Japanese dollar store where all kinds of housewares are $1.50. It’s highly addictive because many items are made in Japan and of decent quality. It really only exists in Asia and the West Coast. Daiso’s beauty section can be huge and includes awesome stuff like false lashes and this WTF item that A was hunting for:

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Melty Stink: Melty Wink Double Eyelid Essence Review

Melty Wink Double Eyelid Essence (17 mL) from Japan claims to help create a double eyelid or a crease after regular use.  In theory, it reduces the fat underlying puffy eyelids.  Skeptical?  You should be.

01 Melty Wink Double Eyelid Essence Review
“This special essence cares intensively for your eyelid. We are wishing that the happy future visits you.”

I gave it a try anyway, applying it to my upper eyelids morning and night for 2 months. I even used the Eyelid Trainer several times a week to help it along. Aaaaannd…?

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¡Eye Carumba! Review of Eyelid Trainer

01 Eyelid Trainer Review
No, your eyes don’t stay this big once you take it off.

WTF File No. 2 is . . . drumroll please . . . the Eyelid Trainer!

I can’t make too much fun of this one since I actually tested it for several weeks and saw subtle results. The Eyelid Trainer consists of 2 flexible arcs of thin plastic attached onto a modified eyeglass frame.  The purpose of this contraption is to train your eyelids to fold–to either fold at all or to fold at a higher place/rounder shape.  That’s my best guess anyway.  I can’t read Japanese.

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Nose Doubt: Review of “Nose Up” Bridge-Straightening Clip

01 Nose Up Review
Please don’t blackmail me with this photo.

From the WTF Files comes the Nose Up, a clip that squeezes the sides of your nose together with the purpose of lifting and slimming your nose bridge after regular use. I debated whether to review this seriously, especially when I haven’t used this product seriously.

There are several variations of this contraption (Nose Magic, etc.), mainly aimed at the Asian market. Just search “magic nose bridge lift” in Google Images.

02 Nose Up Review
Mine is plastic and has firm silicone/rubber nubs for comfort (relatively speaking).

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