Nose Doubt: Review of “Nose Up” Bridge-Straightening Clip

01 Nose Up Review
Please don’t blackmail me with this photo.

From the WTF Files comes the Nose Up, a clip that squeezes the sides of your nose together with the purpose of lifting and slimming your nose bridge after regular use. I debated whether to review this seriously, especially when I haven’t used this product seriously.

There are several variations of this contraption (Nose Magic, etc.), mainly aimed at the Asian market. Just search “magic nose bridge lift” in Google Images.

02 Nose Up Review
Mine is plastic and has firm silicone/rubber nubs for comfort (relatively speaking).

Directions: Use 15 minutes a day. I haven’t used it regularly, so who nose whether it really works. Many positive (!!!) reviews say it takes 3 months to see results. See this review or the Amazon reviews. Of course there are many negative reviews as well. Arguably, a surer way of slimming your nose (other than surgically) is to perfect your contouring skills a la Renee.

03 Nose Up Review
Can I take this off now?

The feeling (and mechanism) is not unlike wearing a chip clip on your nose. I recall it being painful and way more uncomfortable, like binder-clip strength, but when I tried it again today, the clamping power had lessened. It’s still a tight squeeze (har har), but you can breathe with your mouth open and you can even sneeze (accidental discovery). Keeping it on for more than the recommended time is not advisable since your circulation is cut off during wear and being a nose amputee is way worse than having a wide nose. After trying it for only 3 minutes, I had red indentations on the sides of my nose.

I bought mine at Takashima. There are tons of cheap versions online, and you probably already have a makeshift one currently sealing that bag of Doritos.

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