The Middle Ages – Small Middle Aged Man Sheet Mask

After having Angela harassing reminding me about this sheet mask, I felt extremely pressured compelled to post about it. This is an extremely short post because I pretty much have ZERO information on it. Angela bought it for me because it was 50% off she loves me so. We spotted it at the cash register at our favorite Chinertown spot in NYC oo35mm.

I already ripped the top off, but the only English words on this sheet mask package was “small middle aged man.” Is it FOR the small middle aged men demographic? Is it a cartoon printed sheet mask that looks like a small middle aged man? Is it made of small middle aged man extract?

Wrong. None of the above. So I can gather from the bottom right hand corner there’s sake and horse oil or donkey milk in the sheet mask. And then there’s black stones and a water droplet so one can only derive that there are instructions on how to skip rocks over a pond. But I can’t read Japanese.

For the smarty pants who CAN read Japanese, knock yerselves out. And tell me what it says! 
ALAS, upon opening, I realized that it was like the Lululun masks with just 7 plain white masks all lumped together inside the package. THERE WAS NO SMALL MIDDLE AGED MAN cartoon printed on the mask. Much disappointment!
The sheet mask was just ok. It fit pretty horribly but the thin fabric at least helped with cling. I used the Daiso Silicone Mask Cover on top to reduce the quick evaporation of these types of masks.

There was no discernible whitening or middle-aging effect afterwards. It did make my skin smooth and soft but it was fleeting. Sort of like the fleeting effect of buying a Corvette to soothe the ache of a mid-life crisis. At least this is cheaper.

Pros: ummmm….it was 50% off for Angela and free for me

Cons: zero, zero relevance to what was advertised: SMALL MIDDLE AGED MAN where are you?

UPDATE: Mystery solved! The small, middle-aged man is an unofficial mascot of the Hyogo prefecture named Chicchai Ossan (literally “small middle-aged man”).   He even has Facebook and Instagram!



12 Replies to “The Middle Ages – Small Middle Aged Man Sheet Mask”

  1. Wow… I would be expecting a print at least. I am always on the hunt for printed masks because they freak out the housemates. “you look like a serial killer!” “No silly I’m a sheep BAAAAAH.” And then he says I’m creepy.

  2. I giggled out loud at “small middle age man extract.” And that fit really does look terrible. I am sorry it was a disappointment, but hey, it made me giggle, so that’s a win. 🙂

  3. In the bubbles it says:
    “All in one face mask”
    “Japanese Sake” (Nihonshu), “Placenta”, “Black Bean”,
    “3 Types of Collagen”, “Hyaruron Acid” (I don’t know the English sp) & Squaline.

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