Matcha Up – Jeju Natural Green Tea Mask

Why did Marx hate Earl Grey? Because all proper tea is theft. Buahahahahahahaha. Get it? Get it?……I’ll see myself out.

I was visiting a baby (not mine, from what I remember) in Atlanta, GA over the weekend. This marks the 12th consecutive weekend I haven’t been home, or something like that. By Atlanta I mean the suburbs of Atlanta, like deep suburbs where nothing is in sight except empty roads and strip malls. And mother of god, there was an H-Mart? WTF? H-Mart! And inside this H-Mart was a beauty store with a mask-only tiny counter. It was like the Russian dolls of Asian marts.

So I picked up this random box of 10 masks for $20. Based on information from our fabulous followers, this shit could’ve been bought for $10. Cries.

But behold, the Jeju Natural Green Tea Mask by Welcos:

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Over the Moonshot – Moonshot Makeup Ready Mask

From the Peach and Lily sample sale files is this random mask which I had to have because hel-lo, all the skin care was being grabbed and swiped like it was the zombie apocalypse and the only cure was moar skin care! And I’m a mask luna-tic (heh, heh, heh).

I looked up this brand and, until very recently, there wasn’t a ton of information on it. Apparently the flagship store in Korea only opened October 2014 and the brand is backed by YG Entertainment which churns out bubble gum K-Pop (the likes of Psy) rather than serious cosmetics. They DO have an online shop where you can purchase all their stuff. Free international shipping IF you spend over $200. Good luck. You can get the Moonshot Makeup Ready Mask being reviewed on here as well. As stated, this mask is made so that you can be ready for makeup. Because who knows when Makeup can strike?! Continue reading “Over the Moonshot – Moonshot Makeup Ready Mask”