Matcha Up – Jeju Natural Green Tea Mask

Why did Marx hate Earl Grey? Because all proper tea is theft. Buahahahahahahaha. Get it? Get it?……I’ll see myself out.

I was visiting a baby (not mine, from what I remember) in Atlanta, GA over the weekend. This marks the 12th consecutive weekend I haven’t been home, or something like that. By Atlanta I mean the suburbs of Atlanta, like deep suburbs where nothing is in sight except empty roads and strip malls. And mother of god, there was an H-Mart? WTF? H-Mart! And inside this H-Mart was a beauty store with a mask-only tiny counter. It was like the Russian dolls of Asian marts.

So I picked up this random box of 10 masks for $20. Based on information from our fabulous followers, this shit could’ve been bought for $10. Cries.

But behold, the Jeju Natural Green Tea Mask by Welcos:

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