JADEd – freeset Jade Hydro Gel Eye Hole and Eye Patch

For those unfamiliar with the “eye hole” item (in terms of cosmetics,) it’s like a mask for your undereye, except you put it right on your brow bone. I got this for about $18.99 for a jar of 120 sheets which include both undereye and brow bone sheets. Last weekend I was at the Pacific Mall in the Toronto, CN area and picked up some nifty new Asian products! I was happy aside from the fact that those salesgirl practically glued themselves to me as I walked from aisle to aisle. Is this some sort of Chinese business practice?



I’d been using it nightly (sometimes in the morning and night) and have noticed some slight improvement in my delicate eye area. It’s less dry and more supple and softer to the touch. The darkness is still sorta there however.

Overall I still think it’s a good idea to use a moisturizing mask specific for the eye area since winter is coming and the tissue-thin undereye area is quite delicate. Moisturizing this area can also help prevent fine wrinkles that can come on early with dry skin.

Pros: hydrating, softening, inexpensive considering you get 120 sheets which should last 30 days (60 days if you use only 2 each time) for $18.99, easy to use and the patches really stay in place, the moisture really helps my eyes from forming dry lines when putting on makeup or concealer.

Cons: hard to find, not that brightening.

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