I’ve Got a Feline – Pure Smile Cat Art Sheet Mask Will You Be a Cat?

I was at Artland in San Gabriel, CA when I was confronted by an existential question of epic proportions: “Will You Be A Cat?”

“Of COURSE!” I said to no one. And I picked up this mask to fulfill my destiny.

In addition to the attention-grabbing question, there’s indication of “hyaluronic acid,” “collagen,” and “Vitamin E.” It promises potions for your journey on becoming a feline!

So after opening the pouch, I smelled a faint scent of…coconut. Not really along the feline theme, but…okay. After reading the ingredients I realize that it contains no coconut extract. It must be the paper ink I’m smelling. Not. Sure. It’s. Good. For Skin.

After reading the ingredients one more time, I realized that it contains “arbutin” which I’m allergic to. DAMN YOU CAT MASK for drawing me into my doom. Must take off immediately.

My skin is soft and non-itchy so I survived the close call.

Pros: good for cat ladies (I prefer the term “cat women”), fun, cute, decent moisturizing sheet mask for those who use it regularly as a nightly routine.

Cons: contains more allergens than other Korean sheet masks I’ve seen, the ink probably isn’t good for you, doesn’t transform you into a feline at all.

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