Mother Shucker – My Scheming Black Pearl Brightening Mask 

While hitting up the regular Asian beauty haunts on my last LA trip (San Gabriel Square aka Focus Plaza which A has reviewed here,) I picked up my recent favorite My Scheming milk extract mask and a new My Scheming Black Pearl Brightening Mask:

I wasn’t particularly intrigued by this mask or anything but the salesman (yeah there was an older gent there helping people with products, which was odd but slightly endearing) said this mask uses new silk fabric which enables better fit and absorption. Since most sheet masks fit like, well, a flat mattress sheet over my face, this was a selling point for me.

Some people are of the view that thicker mask sheets mean better quality. That’s not always the case. I’ve used expensive thick cotton sheet masks and they sort of sit on top of my face instead of wrapping it for maximum coverage.

This My Scheming sheet was very thin. I was hoping it would be made of actual silk but it wasn’t. The fabric was a strong, semi sheer sheet of some fibrous material that appeared to be a cotton blend. It’s the same material as those higher end masks from L’Herboflore or Soffy Girl. It’s almost transparent but very strong. And yes it fits much better than some thick cotton masks on the market.

I noticed that the ingredients contain “hydrolyzed pearl.” Google tells me that it’s pearl powder. Whether applying pearl powder on your face actually does anything for your face is a question mark, but whatevs.

As for the serum, there was a generous amount left over which I used all over my arms and legs. The serum was a runny clear texture. It did have a very brightening effect as promised. I noticed that my face was a bit paler the next day but that faded in the afternoon (DAMN YOU OFFICE LIFE.)

I’m pleased by the mask but not so much so that I would come back and specifically seek it out. Perhaps I will try others in the “new silk” series. Look for the pink sticker on the box that seems to indicate this phenomenon. Still, $10 for the box of 10 pieces was a decent deal.

Pros: nice brightening effect, nice fit, comfortable fabric, soothing.

Cons: not super special or anything, brightening effect was temporary.

9 Replies to “Mother Shucker – My Scheming Black Pearl Brightening Mask ”

    1. Thank you! Her name is Miss Roxy and she was rescued from the New York City shelter death row. A big meow to you, says Miss Roxy. You can find her on Instagram @indoor_cat 🙂

      1. Hmm. I like anything that has the really thin cotton mask, like Tony Moly Pureness 100, Innisfree Skin Solutions, or SNP. As far as silk goes, I’ve only tried My Scheming Rose Dew, and I *love* the way that feels!

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