Pork Que! – Tony Moly Pure Farm Pig Collagen Hydrogel Mask

I was ‘bacon’ in the damn New York late July heat wave (96 degrees) and running errands in Chinatown when I was sucked into Tony Moly’s new store on Centre street. Yes, I was sucked into the store because of its marvelous air conditioner. The salesgirl also handed me a fan (you know one of those fans with ads printed on them; they hand them out all over Asia)! Whoohoo!

Immediately I had to grab this. Look at HOWCUTE this is! Please try to forget the “extracted from pig’s skin” print 😦

The ingredients are full of goodness! It contains soooo much collagen, supposedly 10,000 ppm (parts per million) which is basically 1% but I think maybe that’s pretty good for cosmetics. Nothing compared to 65% snail extract but I won’t boar you with digression.

I left the mask in the fridge so it was beautifully cool and refreshing. I have more sheet masks and beauty products in my fridge than I do food, true story. Does a pig mask count as both? 😦

The mask is super springy and gelatinous. It’s very very similar to texture to the Elizavecca Green Piggy Collagen Jella Packpreviously reviewed here, even though one is a sheet mask and the other a goop that comes in a jar. They even smell similar. It’s sort of like a very faint herbal grass jelly type smell (most people won’t notice but I have crazy olfactory acuity for some reason). It even tastes slightly sweet. What? I had a craving for pork and tasted some ok?! No but seriously I don’t know why I tasted it…maybe to see if it’s like grass jelly.

The mask fits relatively well but it is pretty heavy with serum and springy so it’s a tad loose around the chin.

The bottom sags a little but whatevs. I just pull the mask back in place while lying down. As the serum soaks, the hydrogel dries a little and becomes less bouncy.

There’s plenty leftover in the tear pouch to pat all over your body. My skin feels soooooo smooth and silky. It takes awhile for the serum to stop being sticky on your skin, probably because of the thickness of the serum. Overall it’s a very satisfying mask and I’m probably gonna go back for moaaaaar!

Pros: lovely hydrating and softening effect, better fit than most sheet masks because of the two-piece cut and the hydrogel material, great natural ingredients and lots of extracts.

Cons: expensive at $9 a mask (as are most hydrogel masks).

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