Mane Squeeze – Haruhada Horse Oil Body Cream

The first thing I bought in my trip to Taiwan was horse fat body cream. Because I say neigh, neigh, to flaky dry skin and had forgotten my body lotion at home.


This is a Japanese import product and you can get it at SASA in Taipei. According to their claims, it’s “formulated with Hokkaido pure horse oil, Shea butter, Aloe Vera, Urea etc.  It can be easily absorbed, smoothes , and moisturizes dry & sensitive skin.” There’s a small amount of lavender oil in it to make it smell…not like beef jerky fat.


As you can see, horse fat extract is the second ingredient so I believe there’s plenty of it in this container. The lotion itself is thick without being unspreadable. You only need a little even for the entire body. I’ve used it a week and there’s barely 1/8 of a dent. 


It’s one of the nicest body creams I’ve ever tried. In Japan apparently it’s only ¥100 which is a measly $1USD!!! I forgot how much I paid in Taiwan ($5USD?) but it was totally worth it to pony up that kind of change 🙂

Pros: moisturizing, non greasy, softening, perfect body cream

Cons: hard to find, contains pure animal fat which will turn off the queasy/animal lovers. I mean I would put a dead crow on my face if it made me beautiful so I don’t mind the fat. I’d like to think all this came from horses that did liposuction on their unwanted stomach fat :/

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