Scratch that Ichimi Cosme – Asian Beauty Store Review

September 2016 UPDATE: Ichimi Cosme changed its name to Ume Cosme.  Instagram and Yelp links have been updated.

Today’s post is a closer look–in pictures–at Japanese and Korean beauty store Ichimi Cosme in New York’s East Village.  That link will take you to Renee’s first look at the store, and Ichimi Cosme is also on Instagram and Yelp.

01 Ichimi Cosme ShoppingThat’s Renee shopping because I was in the midst of my no-buy when we went ::quietly sobs::

Ichimi is located at:

318 E. 9th St
New York, NY 10003
(between 1st and 2nd Ave.)

What I love about Ichimi Cosme is that it offers a ton of Japanese beauty brands that weren’t available before in NY (at least not as far as we two shopaholics knew).  Los Angeles (including the Asian suburb of San Gabriel Valley) has long had tons of Japanese offerings.  (I’ve posted shopping guides on LA shopping and specifically Takashima in the SGV before.)

Yet Japanese beauty–aside from the ever-present Hada Labo and Japanese eye makeup–remained a huge gap in the NY Asian beauty scene.  Sure, you could find a fair amount of stuff at New Kam Man and Sunrise Mart, but there was also a ton you couldn’t find: Canmake, Kate, Laduree, Jill Stuart, and Visee for example.

Enter Ichimi Cosme…

Laduree makeup!  Gawwwgeous but ridiculously priced (not Ichimi’s fault; Laduree is just overpriced).

02 Ichimi Cosme Laduree Makeup03 Ichimi Cosme Laduree Cameo Blush04 Ichimi Cosme Laduree BrushesHow about some Jill Stuart, Econeco, Canmake, and Visee?

05 Ichimi Cosme Econeco Jill Stuart Canmake Powder09 Ichimi Cosme Canmake Etude House Lunasol08 Ichimi Cosme Kose Visee EyeshadowUm when are Western brands going to come out with compacts half as delish and swanky as these Jill Stuart ones?  07 Ichimi Cosme Jill Stuart MakeupHello, Kitty cleansing brushes!  Basically Hello Kitty Clarisonics.

06 Ichimi Cosme Hello Kitty Cleansing BrushThe one purchase I allowed myself because it was ostensibly a replacement for my depleting supply of Tatcha mists (love!) was this L:oil Water & Oil mist.  And you know what?  It’s pretty darn good!  I got the one for brightening skin and it leaves a dewy sheen (downright glossy if you overdo it).  Full review to come, but I’m already planning to pick up more bottles when I’m back in NY in a week.

10 Ichimi Cosme Water & Oil Face MistAnd here are some obligatory Japanese cartoon stuffs. 11 Ichimi Cosme Sailor Moon DoraemonIchimi Cosme also offers plenty of Korean beauty as well.  Perhaps 1/4th of the store is Korean, but I appreciate that Ichimi Cosme picked less widely available products.

Check out these Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bars.  I swatched all four shades of this cream eyeshadow: Orange Island, Humming Coral, Coffee Bronze, and Golden Rose.

21 Ichimi Cosme Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar22 Ichimi Cosme Ichimi Cosme Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar SwatchesAnd the Laneige Two Tone Lip Bars were there, too, alongside lippies from Etude House, Innisfree, History of Whoo, and Hera.  Swatch to your heart’s content!

14 Ichimi Cosme Laneige Etude House15 Ichimi Cosme History of Whoo Lipsticks16 Ichimi Cosme Hera Tint DuoAnd of course there were the cushions: Innisfree, Etude House (incl. the limited edition Save Cushion for endangered species), Laneige, IOPE, and Hera (in the limited edition Nicholas Kirkwood designs).

12 Ichimi Cosme Cushion Compacts13 Ichimi Cosme Etude House Save CushionAnd then there was this su:m37 Air Rising Glow Cover Metal Cushion, which alas, was in a special edition box and not open for testing.  ::fans self::

19 Ichimi Cosme sum37 Air Rising Glow Cover Metal CushionA few other makeup items…

20 Ichimi Cosme WLab 3D Stick18 Ichimi Cosme Flower BrushFinally, the sheet masks!

17 Ichimi Cosme Sheet MasksDespite all the photos I took, they only show like 1/3rd of what Ichimi Cosme has to offer.  I skipped, for instance, the Japanese eye makeup section.  Although the store space is tiny, it’s jammed with so many Japanese and Korean goodies (even snacks!) that I could get lost in it for hours (OK, maybe only for 2 hours…it’s still pretty small).

The service is hands off, which is much appreciated because we like to basically touch and swatch everything and read all the ingredients without interruption.

Hope you’ll give Ichimi Cosme a look-see the next time you’re in the area!

9 Replies to “Scratch that Ichimi Cosme – Asian Beauty Store Review”

  1. These pictures were too gorgeous-like holy cows. I’m so jealous now. There is *nothing* like this at all where I live. I’ve resigned myself to a life of online shopping 😭😭😭 and living through this blog. Swatch one for me lovelies! (And keep up the amazing work!)

  2. Laduree, Jill Stuart, and History of Whoo… *faints*
    That’s not fair! I’m geographically closer to Korea, but where are my fancy skincare goods?! LOL. Btw, I have one of those Etude House Save Cushion cases (the penguin one). Absolutely adorable and for a good cause! It’s too bad those cushions don’t come in my shade though… :’)

    Thanks again for letting us window-shop vicariously through you!

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