Get Buzzed – Honeycé Juicy Spa shampo, conditioner, and treatment

If you can bee-lieve it, I’d (Renee) been super beesy hitting the icy East coast slopes to try and ride my snowboard and Angela has been keeping the blog alive….or shall I say ahive? Kakakaka. T’is good to have a partner ain’t it? Anybody wanna guest post?

So since I keep my hair in a long braid out, it has been super fried from the ice, especially when gravity drags me head first down the mountain. HAD to bust out this gaw-geous set that I picked up from Ichimi Cosme.

Behold the Honeyce Juicy Spa line:

Many things attracted me to this line. The packaging is just delicious. Just fking look at it! It’s yellow (my absolute favorite color,)  it’s in plump round containers with long pumps, and it smells succulent. Don’t confuse this with the orange Honeyce Moisture Repair line where packaging is a deep gold/orange.  This Juicy Spa line has a fruity-but-fresh citrus smell. It’s reminiscent of granny smith apple smell, but less saccharin and cheap-smelling. This is no dishwash soap apple smell. It’s a juicy elegant scent that makes shower time happy time.

Couldn’t say much about the ingredients since it’s all Japanese. I bought this based on advertising and scent alone.

Here’s another totally gratuitous shot of Miss Rox modeling the line. Her fur is very very soft, but it’s not bee-cause of  this bee line. You can inquire Miss Roxy’s hair dresser for her purroducts.

The third bottle (smallest on the right hand side) is a hair misting treatment. I love Japanese hair mists because they’re like Febreeze for your hair. I’m sure it’s supposed to be some sort of conditioning treatment but I buy them for scent alone. In the summer it’s nice to spray on as a refresher.

The shampoo smells marvelous. But….it’s sorta watery. I’m not sure if it’s that way on purpose but it feels a little watered down. It does foam up nicely with just one pump, but I’m used to a thicker more concentrated liquid.

The conditioner is a semi let-down. It doesn’t smell much like the shampoo or the mist. In fact it’s BARELY reminiscent of the scent in the whole line. One thing I noticed about Japanese citrusy hair products (incl the Oleo D’Or) is that they smell faintly caustic, like Isopropyl alcohol.) Again my bloodhound nose is very sensitive (or should I say scentsitive) so it may not be apparent to some.

The conditioner rinses off slick and my hair is very smooth. But it’s not super earth-shattering and I might even skip it all together since it doesn’t even smell like the rest of the line! It’s a sort of clean smell, a little like citrus and rubbing alcohol. WTF.

The pump dispenses a quarter-sized amount of white, pretty rich & thick conditioning cream. I usually use dollops but two pumps was enough to soak through my super thick & long mane. Overall decent but the shampoo is the winner in this line.


Gorgeous succulent packaging, wonderful aroma from the mist & shampoo, relatively inexpesive at $13 each if you can get it.


Conditioner is lackluster, aside from the beautiful scent I don’t notice much of a difference in hair texture or smoothness, pretty hard to find (each is $25 and SLOW shipping on Amazon)


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