Oleo-lly fabulous – Kosé Oléo D’Or Botanical Shampoo (NEW PRODUCT!)

Kosé just came out with the new Oléo D’Or shampoo line in August 2014. And I am so freaking in love with it. There are four products:
1. Moist/Shine Finish Shampoo – in yellow packaging
2. Oil Treatment (conditioner) – in yellow packaging
3. Scalp Shampoo – in pink packaging
4. Scalp Treatment (conditioner) – in pink packaging


I only tried the first two (yellow) moist finish shampoo and conditioner items because I love the fresh floral fragrance. Here they are:


With a mild, refreshing floral scent and jewel-like packaging, it was so appealing that I had to have it. I didn’t expect miracles but that’s what it delivered. I have eczema-prone scalp and always have mad flaky scalp in New York winters. Ever since I started using the shampoo, my scalp and hair had been so much softer. I went back and got the conditioner as well, although I didn’t see as huge of an impact.

This is extremely difficult to get in the states, so I have been on the hunt for it to stock up. If you’re lucky enough to live in Tokyo, you can get them in a package of all four for 4,000 yen (about $40.) Sunrise Mart, where I initially saw it in NY, had ONE of each. Just today I saw it inside the beauty store in the Focus Mall atrium across from Daiso in San Gabriel Valley, CA. This store also has the pink “scalp” focused shampoo and conditioner. I didn’t like the fragrance as much for these. The scent was less fresh floral and more musky. And though I was very curious about the scalp treatment, the original Oléo already did wonders for my scalp so I didn’t buy the scalp treatment shampoo and conditioner.

If it weren’t for the fact that I have to lug this shit back, I would’ve bought ALL the Oléo the store had. Olé!!!

Here’s what my hair looks like recently on this regimen.


And here’s the back if you can read the ingredients. Upon closer inspection today I realized that there is NO difference in ingredients between the two “types” of shampoo btw, so just buy the one with the fragrance that suits you.

Pros: everything about it: the results, the scent, the lather, the packaging, the price ($13 is not bad compared to Shiseido Tsubaki and other shampoos which didn’t work as well on me)
Cons: EXTREMELY hard to get. Unless you live in LA or Japan you’ll have to order online at $25 from some eBay dealer and it will take months to arrive. But even then, it’s worth it.

9 Replies to “Oleo-lly fabulous – Kosé Oléo D’Or Botanical Shampoo (NEW PRODUCT!)”

  1. I bought the yellow shampoo and conditioner at TJ Maxx today…They also had other Japanese products such as Oshima Tsubaki camellia oil…

    1. I bought the pink conditioner at Marshall’s, too! Isn’t it crazy that Japanese shampoos can be found there now? I didn’t like the strong perfume though 😦 The gold Oleo D’Or has a nicer, less noticeable scent. –Angela

  2. omg just bought the yellow shampoo and conditioner at tjmaxx cant wait to use them! i currently use another japanese shampoo thats also at tjmaxx its the itchikami herbal and rice bran shampoo and conditioner i really like it but just recently it started giving me dandruff so I’m hoping this is better! i also got the no.1 tsubaki oil

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