Madame Cocoon ? – Using COCOONS as an Exfoliator

Inspired by this article: I ordered 50 cocoons from Amazon to use as a face exfoliator. Who knew that cocoons are supposed to help wipe away wrinkles and scars by releasing this thing called “sericin” and stimulating collagen production?!


So after almost a freaking month, my empty silk worm cocoons arrived from Germany. Yes it sounds gross. These silkworm cocoons are the empty casing that silkworms spin before they turn into moths. It feels like a paper mâché empty quail’s egg shell. It’s actually very strong and fibrous.

You soak it in hot water for a few minutes and just rub it all over your face, paying special attention to areas that have scarring or spots or wrinkles. Soaking the cocoon supposedly releases sericin, the substance that binds the silk thread together. This is a protein containing 18 amino acids that is supposed to do wonders for your complexion.




Immediately after my face felt wonderfully soft and supple. My face felt a little raw right after rubbing the fibrous cocoon all over, but in a good way. I felt like it was just enough exfoliation but none of the abrasiveness that sandy exfoliators can cause. I also feel that it took off a lot of pollutants and grime from my face.

Based on the article above from dailymail, a Visia machine skin analysis would show significant improvements. Since I don’t yet have access to this kind of analysis, I’m just gonna take their word for it. For now this is a ritual that I def enjoy.

Pros: cheap ($10 for a packet of 50 on, organic, makes your face sooooo soft and smooth
Cons: those who squirm at the thought of an old caterpillar’s casing on their face may not like this.

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