Worth It? Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron – Review & Comparison to Crimper and Voloom Petite

Life. Changing.

I don’t say that lightly. But as someone with straight and slippery hair that could barely be teased after 15 mins of backcombing and hair spraying by a wedding hairdresser, that’s the truth. If I lost this $130 tool, I’d immediately order a new one. And yes, I paid for both the original and petite versions.

This post will sound like a paid ad for Voloom (“Turn the volume up to 11!!”), but it’s not. (I *wish* we got commission for all the people we’ve converted.) I’m just obsessed with it because IT WORKS and IT’S EASY. Ever since Renee introduced me to this, I’ve used this regularly and often. And both of us named this one of our 2016 furvorites.
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BeautyandtheCat Sunscreen? Yes Please!

BeautyandtheCat Sunscreen Sun Pearls

UPDATE: Volition is holding a GIVEAWAY of over $200 in skincare for votes through Monday April 3, 2017!  Each vote for Sun Pearls is automatically entered.  Voting is open to all; U.S. residents are eligible for the giveaway.

I (Angela) am obsessed with sunscreen.  Maybe you picked that up when I reviewed 12 Japanese ones in a megapost (all SPF 50+ and PA++++ of course).  But one question always nagged at me: how do I know whether I’ve applied enough to get the actual level of SPF advertised on the bottle?

I dreamed of sunscreen that came pre-measured and perfectly portioned in capsules to make it easy to apply just the right amount.  No guesswork and no measuring spoon required.  (Yep, I resorted to using a 1/4-tsp measuring spoon at one point.)

Well now you can vote for my idea to come to life!  (One vote per email.)



Once there are enough votes, the Sun Pearls move into the formulation stage (with my input) and will eventually be sold on VolitionBeauty.com.
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Call of Duty-Free: Renee’s Mini Airport Haul at YVR

I just came back from my annual snowboarding trip in Whistler. Beside the bazillion foot elevation and vertical drop, and jaw-dropping, audible-gasping sights of this mountain, this & the surrounding Vancouver area has among my (Renee’s) FAVORITE duty free shopping because it’s a huge port for Cathay Pacific routes to Asia. Behold:

Duty-Free Mini Haul at YVR Terminal and Cathay Pacific inflight catalogue

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Wet ‘n’ Mild: Erborian Eau Ginseng, Yuzu Double Lotion, & Ginseng Milk Reviews

Korean-French brand Erborian has several “multibenefit lotions” in its lineup.  Sometimes “lotion” refers to a hydrating toner (this is the case for Japanese brands), but in this case, “lotion” seems to refer to products–from watery to milky to creamy consistencies–that are applied between cleansing and moisturizing the skin.


You guys have now been in my bed.

Last year, I bought a $25 “lotion discovery kit” that came with three 1-oz. minis of its most popular and hydrating ones: Eau Ginseng, Yuzu Double Lotion, and Ginseng Milk.  Sadly, I don’t see the kit any more on either Erborian’s or Sephora’s site.  On Erborian’s site, you can buy most of the minis individually for $10 each.

I’ll review each one in order of lightest to heaviest consistency, but spoiler alert: Yuzu is my fave for my dry skin and the one I think about buying the full size of.  Just keep in mind that all three are heavily fragranced, which can be a dealbreaker.

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Hit or Missha? Missha Time Revolution Immortal Youth Blue Essence and Cream Review

The lure of immortal youth was too good to pass up.  Yeah, yeah, it’s marketing–but irresistible nonetheless.

01-missha-time-revolution-immortal-youth-blue-essence-and-cream-reviewI’ve been regularly using two items from Missha’s Time Revolution Immortal Youth line: the Blue Essence and the Cream ($55 and $65, respectively–both courtesy of Missha).  While they haven’t turned me into Benjamin Button, they have protected my skin–which is already prone to flaking due to tretinoin and natural dryness–from the parched winter air.

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