Spread It! Super Butter Intensive Hair Mask from Soo Ae New York

By “spread it” I mean spread the word, filthy minds. This is the first full review of a sponsored product from the #ABINNYC meetup. It was a hectic week and I made it to the meetup by the hair on my chimney chin chin. The swag bag situation was serious and even ~butter~ was the fact that one of the sponsors Soo Ae included an abundance of hair products. This Asian platinum hair is thiiiiirrrsty lately.

Behold this Soo Ae Super Butter Intensive Hair Mask

This is a little sealed foil packet with a handy nozzle in case there’s leftover product. It’s probably very handy for travel as it’s flat and doesn’t take as much room as cylindrical containers.

Now I’m no chemist so I’ll reserve my judgment over the ingredients list. For those in the know, here it is. Ok yeah there’s pretty chemically-sounding ingredients here. However I’m of the opinion that hair is dead (like my insides) so unless it’s fire or acids, it’s probably fine (I’ve applied one of the two to my hair, but that’s another story for another time).

This is a pic of my hair in its worst state, which is immediately after I pull the snaggly hair tie off my half-ass ponytail in the morning. It’s actually not TERRIBLE considering the amount of chemical processing I perform to it. However, it’s not exactly corn silk here.

I emptied the entire packet and found that it contained an amount equivalent to an egg yolk. I have thick long hair (woe is me) that grows about an inch a month (an inch to some people is a lot) so this is NOT ENOUGH! The mango Super Butter smelled divine though so I was excited to open the other two packets.

Using all three packets gave my hair enough coverage through the tip. Alas, the combination of herbal-smelling tea tree + rosemary, honey avocado, and mango butter didn’t go so well together. The scent was a cross between mold and the inside of one of my fridge drawers. Of course this isn’t the product’s fault but I will stick to ONE scent next time.

The directions say to apply after shampooing hair in the shower, but I actually applied the hair mask on dry hair and kept it on for 30 minutes.

Afterwards I shampooed with purple shampoo and conditioned with my regular hair conditioner. Hair definitely had a nice sheen to it. This was taken immediately after I dried my hair even though the camera/lighting/hair tint looks off. Definitely pleased with the hair mask results but I’ll have to check this out with long term use as normal hair conditioner to see if the effects last.

As an aside, my hair stylist Effie indicated that your hair texture can be changed based on the products you use. Thus, if you continuously coat hair and treat it with products, the build up of these smoothing/softening products around each shaft (hueh…hueh…) would create a softening effect. I guess it’s sorta like how leather is treated…

Not bad for a freebie though. Gonna research using intensive hair masks as regular hair conditioner next.

Pros: smells lovely, nice immediate effect, can be easily purchased as it’s widely distributed. My fellow beauty friends have advised that you can even get it at Walmart!

Cons: hard to get economies of scale in a $4 single packet which only covers the tip of my hair.

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