Swatch the Throne: BECCA Royal Glow Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter Review & Swatches

You guys!!! I’m writing this just hours before Meghan Meowrkle and Purrrince Harry’s historic wedding. As an American fangirl–minor overstatement because I basically just follow whatever the Daily Mail posts–I am irrationally psyched.

Enter BECCA Royal Glow (gifted by the brand): a limited edition highlighter inspired by the Crown Jewels. These are family jewels I’m actually eager to show people. A gorgeous golden peach befitting Meghan’s beauty.

A literal take on the Markle sparkle. Mayhaps peach gold is the new rose gold? 😺

BECCA Royal Glow Review

Royal Glow is officially described as bronzed opal with gold pearl, but it’s only bronze in the pan and compared to other shades in BECCA’s lineup. On my light skin, it reads more gold and is very wearable.

Currently, I (Angela) am NC20. Depending on the light, Royal Glow looks like warm gold or peachy champagne, just ever so slightly deeper than my skintone.

Typical of BECCA, the shine is strong with this one. A light touch leaves a soft glow, but the formula easily builds up into a shiny (but never metallic or frosty) gleam.

I’m loving this shade for spring/summer. The crown imprint and the compact’s metal finish (brushed and chrome) are just the cherries on top.

Comparison Swatches: BECCA Royal Glow vs. Champagne Pop vs. Chanel

Alright, they just look like Fifty Shades of Champagne, so let’s run down the differences and how they look on me:

  • Chanel Camélia de Chanel (2017 LE and reviewed here): Neutral champagne. Has bigger glitters and is lighter than Royal Glow. Shows up the same as or slightly lighter than NC20 skintone.
  • BECCA Royal Glow: Peachy champagne. Slightly deeper than NC20 skintone.
  • BECCA Champagne Pop: Gold champagne. Similar formula and sheen but lighter than Royal Glow. Almost disappears into NC20 skin for a “clear radiance” look.

Final thoughts: Even though my invite obviously got lost in the mail, Royal Glow gives me that regal feeling by proxy. *deluded grin*

Bargain alert: Royal Glow retails for $38, but you can snag it PLUS A BRUSH for $34.98 + $3 S&H at QVC here.

2 Replies to “Swatch the Throne: BECCA Royal Glow Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter Review & Swatches”

  1. Dying at “These are family jewels I’m actually eager to show people.” You are too funny! I won’t be using my Royal Glow (ever the collector) but thanks for the swatches! It’s still helpful to see how it compares to others, especially with all the gold highlighters on the market.

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