The Grape Depression – Hungover Shopping at NEW Ichimi Cosme


September 2016 Update: Ichimi was renamed Ume Cosme.  All the old Yelp reviews for Ichimi are on Ume’s Yelp page:

Actually, this East Village gem of an Asian beauty shop “just” opened up 3 months ago on 9th Street between 1st Ave and 2nd Ave. But three months ago nobody was really in New York because holiday times are for LEAVING New York. Also, this store oddly closed at random hours during its infancy. I once came during its indicated business hours but it was inexplicable closed. At another time, there was a “be back in 5 minutes” sign like a message from a bad baby sitter.

So this past weekend, I was doing my best Gudetama impression in bed, on my back, one arm hanging over the bed, one arm rubbing my belly to keep the hangover nausea down, when Angela text-harassed me about doing a blog post on Ichimi Cosme. It’s only 6 blocks from my house. But I mean, 6 blocks is like crossing the Sahara when you’re in this state of mind! See the commitment I have to AB?

Behold the smug selfie in front of Ichimi. Not wearing makeup except for thin eyeliner so excuuuuse me for looking sm-ugly. See that giant pair of purrrrple catte ear headphones from Brookstone? My Pops got it for me. How kewl is my Pops? Btw, the ears become speakers if you press the wrong button. Be careful that you don’t leave the speakers on like I did, swanning around like the human equivalent of a noisy car with amplifiers, catching eye rolls from strangers and snapping my head back.

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Tai(wan) Me Up – My Trip to Taipei

Captain’s log: last day in Taipei 03/20/15 sitting outside fking SaSa waiting for it to open like I’m an addict at a methadone clinic. And guess what? There are a ton of others waiting with me!!!

This is my exact location, because you WILL want to visit this very spot (or any SaSa, but this location is your best bet to start) and walk east towards Taipei City Hall MRT station to find the biggest proliferation of Asian cosmetics in the area. Like, a LOT.

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