Shisei-no – The Ginza’s Trial Kit 

Hey remember when air travel wasn’t such a fking nightmare (where you’re dragged shrieking out of your paid seat in front of the elderly and children) and people actually thought it was glamorous and appealing? No? Well me neither, because it was in the 1950s. Despite bathing in virgin blood to keep my youth and appearance, I can assure you I’m not old enough to remember the 1950s.

While air travel has NEVER been glamorous or appealing, I can attest that first class is well…better than the cattle class. I’m full of insight, I am. Look at this amenity kit they give out in the ANA first cabin:

Behold Shiseido’s The Ginza Skincare Line

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Squa-d Goals: Squa Powder Wash from HABA Pure Roots

Tis the season of travelling, and TRYING to travel light and pass TSA checks and all that b.s. Thus I am enthusiastic about any beauty products that come in powder form. That means you can carry way over the pesky 3 fl oz rule, be adequately ensured that you have enough in the case of an apocalypse, and avoid spills.

Behold the  Squa Powder Wash from HABA Pure Roots

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