Sea Spot Run: Shark Sauce Review

06 Holy Snails Shark Sauce Review
Why so angry, mer-man? Your skin looks great.
A month ago, Holy Snails (Chel) thoughtfully sent me a bottle of her DIY concoction called Shark Sauce (link is to version 2.0, the one that I have).  Update: You can buy the latest version directly from the Holy Snails store. Chock full of functional and purposefully selected and proportioned ingredients, Shark Sauce can be thought of as an ampoule or serum with brightening, repairing, and hydrating properties.

The ingredients that caught my eye were: 5% niacinamide, 3% n-acetyl glucosamine, and 5% licorice root extract. Where do the sharks come in? Thankfully, no sharks were harmed in the making, but there is some sea kelp bioferment (15%) and the recipe was spurred by /u/Sharkus_Reincarnus (aka Fifty Shades of Snail; link is about the first version of Shark Sauce). Continue reading “Sea Spot Run: Shark Sauce Review”

Eastern Promises Part 2: Angela’s Skincare Routines–August 2015

Read Part 1–Translating Between the Asian and Western Skincare Routine–here.

Broken down into components of CLEANSE, TONE, TREAT, MOISTURIZE, the routines in this post list what I’m currently using the majority of the time and why (and also link to my reviews if there is one).

I do occasionally use something else in my stash just because I feel like it or am bored. There are two exceptions: (1) When I review skincare provided for free by a company, I test that item continuously so that you can be sure my opinion isn’t compromised by lax testing. (2) I want/need to use Shark Sauce and my PocketDerm prescription (referral link) consistently–2x/day and 1x/day respectively.

05 Shark Sauce Continue reading “Eastern Promises Part 2: Angela’s Skincare Routines–August 2015”