Be Stila my heart – Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Cobalt

So I am about to depart on a flight to Miami shortly but realize that to be a blogger you have to blog so here’s a quickie (not THAT kind you perv).

I am on the constant search for that inky, smooth, micro-sharp, waterproof, transfer-proof liquid eyeliner…and haven’t really found it (Revlon Colorstay comes close but isn’t entirely waterproof even though it says so).

So on a whim I picked Stila’s in cobalt (to stick with that summer fun color theme). The results are kinda meh. I have it in black as well and the liner totally transferred to my upper eyelid. Apparently waterproof but not oily eyelid proof. But cobalt is a fun color and the stupid ad totally got me (damn you professional photoshop making that eyeliner micro line look so peeeerfect).

1465a-img_321328229 0fcb2-img_321428229So you see my very sloppy application but you get the point (I’m in a freaking hurry here). It has nice color intensity but I had to go over the line about 4-5 times. Also, the felt tip makes it easy to apply but the ink is not very smooth because felt tips don’t deposit color consistently and can drag on your skin. Buy a cheapie knockoff instead and save your money for a happy meal.

Pros: very good true-to-label color, easy to apply.
Cons: expensive at $20, doesn’t last long at all, you have to redo a few times to get the color intensity shown above, NOT waterproof or anything-proof really.

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