Clay pride – Tsururi Ghassoul Mineral Clay Pack

If you look up the mysterious “Ghassoul” clay on Wikipedia you will see that it’s been used in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco since the eighth century for skin and hair. Surprisingly this mask is made in Japan by a Japanese company. I still trust it…those Japanese cosmetic products, while pricey, are almost always well worth it.

I picked this mask on a whim while grocery shopping at Sunrise Mart in the East Village.


I’ve used it a few times before but this is my first time reviewing it. It’s pretty damn awesome. It’s similar to the famous Queen Helene mud mask in that it dries out excess oil and sebum and shrinks your pores tremendously. This Tsururi mask is even a GREAT dupe for the more high end Glam Glow mud mask. It smells strongly of eucalyptus which I don’t mind…but I guess it could smell less medicinal. It also exfoliates the skin and gets rid of oily dead skin.


My skin is very smooth and firm afterwards. It’s also bright and supple and soft. Most mud masks tend to be a tiny bit drying but this isn’t super drying at all. I feel that oil was soaked up but softness remains.

Pros: smooth texture but still exfoliates, not too expensive at $18, shrinks pores, soaks up dirt and oil, great mask overall, thousand-year old clay formula that seems to really work!

Cons: not easy to find, may be too drying for dry skin (but actually not that bad compared to other clay masks)

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