Cheap Stick – Jordana Color Tint Blush Stick

Lately due to my immense pleasure from scoring the Maybelline nudes Palette for $6, I’d been on the lookout for cheap drug store thrills. Also because I’m going effing broke from buying all these Tom Ford eyeshadows (review later.) Let me take you to middle school happiness of Jordana makeup (right along with those Bonnibell lip balms and middle school dance makeouts.)


What struck me about the Color Tint Blush Stick is that it looks like a miniature Argan Colorstick from Josie Maran. The Jordana stick is made in Taiwan which is home to some of my fav cosmetic products. At $3, it’s about the cost of a candy bar, with zero calories!

It goes on dry and smells softly of baby powder. The texture is not as soft and gooey as the Argan oil stick so it’s not as moisturizing but has longer staying power. The color payoff is very good. I bought two shades: 03 Apple Cheeks and 05 Rose Petal. They are both wonderful and true to color on the cheeks. The swatches below a somewhat indicative but it looks different on the cheeks rather than my inner arm.


Here I am wearing Apple Cheeks which is a warm true red…and I put on a little too much. It really pops! The stick is a little dry so you have to rub the blush to even it out. It’s a nice addition to a to-go makeup kit on days where you have to run around or when you need to travel. I carry multiples of cheap items in my various bags (work, travel suitcase, friend’s sleepover house, etc) so it’s easy to look nice and not have to cry when you lose it.

Pros: nice soft scent, good strong color payoff, affordable and convenient small package
Cons: a little dry, color payoff is inconsistent between shades.

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