Wonder Woman – Étude House Wonder Pore Soda Powder

The Étude House Wonder Pore powder comes in a box of 10 individual packets of yellow-ish powders. Once dissolved in water, it’s used basically as a toner. And killer of “demodexes”!!!!


Supposedly this is a patented formula that promises to clean and shrink your pores, control oil, soften skin (inner and outer layer,) maintain skin pH, and KILL TINY MITES CALLED DEMODEXES. Upon hearing this claim I immediate thought this product solves a skin parasite disease I didn’t even know I have. Gross!

The packets are tiny and the main ingredient is pretty much baking soda. You empty the whole little packet into a sink of water and splash it all over your face. I feel like I waste a lot of product because I never use up all the yellow demodex-killing solution. And it’s too gross to save sink water.


Afterwards I don’t feel any different. But since Étude house had put the thought of tiny little monster mites living in my pores and having parties on my hair follicles and skin, I am obsessed with getting more. Die demodemons, die!

Pros: easy to use, relatively inexpensive, cute packaging

Cons: I don’t see or feel a difference but some people with pore issues rave about it. And hey, better safe than sorry when it comes to skin mites. Shudder

5 Replies to “Wonder Woman – Étude House Wonder Pore Soda Powder”

    1. Hm, there is widely varying advice out there on baking soda to sort through. The SkincareAddiction forum on Reddit is adamantly against using straight-up baking soda because its alkalinity messes up the naturally acidic pH of skin, but some sites recommend it (http://www.med-health.net/Baking-Soda-Bath.html). I would say that with Wonder Pore, it claims to maintain pH and the baking soda is mixed with other ingredients, so the concerns about using straight-up baking soda might not apply here. –Angela

  1. Demodexes! Brings back those memories of kindergarten life and infected eyes (demodexes are known as “eyelash mites”). I remember my mom cleaned my eyelids with a baking soda mixture.
    I am ordering this product now!

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