Po’ Girl – PoBling Pore Sonic Cleanser

I have been obsessed with the PoBling Sonic Cleanser since seeing it in the Asian cosmetics stores. I paid the full price of $45 at Maneki Neko in Arcadia for the gold one. Super overpriced but I felt more assured that the exorbitant price meant that it was the true original PoBling. It’s basically a vibrating facial cleanser with a super soft tightly packed bristle head:


I have the Clarisonic Mia so I’m no stranger to these gimmicky vibrating cleanser brushes. Like electric toothbrushes, they’re awesome for some and meh for others. In addition there’s the exponential increase in price from the manual to electronic method of cleaning. Hey I’m too lazy and my hands can’t move like these brushes!

The PoBling is not better or worse than Clarisonic. The PoBling is more pleasing to the eye, is much lighter, travels better, and is half the price. But it’s not rechargeable and it uses one AAA battery. It’s supposed to be waterproof but you can imagine how wary I am about a battery device being exposed repeatedly to splashing water.

I don’t know how well the bristles will hold up and not sure how long they plan on making replacement brush heads. I managed to get a brand new identical gold PoBling from Amazon for $15 (a brush head replacement is already about $10.) Maybe it’s fake but I can’t tell at all.

Here are the PoBling bristles:


Only time will tell whether this ends up in my junk box but for now I’d been using it every day and quite like it. My face doesn’t feel raw from the abrasion and it’s super gentle. You can boost the exfoliation factor by using it with a grainier cleansing cream as well.

Pros: price, lightweight, design, soft bristles, less expensive
Cons: hard to find, many fakes out there, doesn’t seem as durable as Clarisonic

4 Replies to “Po’ Girl – PoBling Pore Sonic Cleanser”

    1. I feel the same way. I had to switch to the Delicate (light blue) brush head, and there’s also a Cashmere brush head that might be even softer. But the Pobling feels 10x softer than any Clarisonic I’ve felt. –Angela

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