Whinny-ing Moisturizer – Guerrison 9-Complex Cream

As a lover of animals (and all their parts) I had to jump on the horse fat bandwagon. Guerrison 9-Complex cream’s fifth ingredient is horse fat. Why horse fat? Supposedly it is all natural and is rich in vitamin E. It creates a protective moist barrier for your skin. One swatch at the asian cosmetics store Beauty Tips in Alhambra and I was SOLD damnit.


The cream was $32 at the store and as I walked around, I realized that all the other stores in the area were sold out. I saw some available online for $20 but reviews screamed fake. Anyhow I assume I have the real thing in hand. It is very very moisturizing but doesn’t go on greasy. When I tried it on my hands, it glided softly, and afterwards my fingers were plump instead of pruny from dryness.

The packaging looks expensive and substantial:

The texture is somewhere in the middle range of thickness. It’s not quite waxy like La Mer and not as thick as Nivea Creme. But it is very richly moisturizing. It’s not SO heavy that I can’t use it in the day time. Due to the harsh dry Northeast winter I even recommend it for day time.


This has been my go-to winter moisturizer and I love it! The only thing I don’t like is the strange citrusy scent. Considering the color, consistency, and origin of horse fat, I would expect a warmer scent, like suede or butterscotch or vanilla. Other than that, horse fat fad is a yeighhhhh.
Pros: excellent moisturizer, emollient, a little goes a long way, pretty natural ingredients:

Cons: well it’s made from animal fat so try not to think about it.

3 Replies to “Whinny-ing Moisturizer – Guerrison 9-Complex Cream”

  1. I thought the authentic Guerrison 9had a hologram mark on front and the lid was stamped.. sure you didnt get a fake?

    1. Hi Missy,

      Hmmm….I think mine is authentic because I bought it at a pretty reputable store Asian beauty store in LA (not through an online vendor.) The hologram is there but I’m not sure about the stamped lid.

    2. @Missy now I realize what you’re taking about; I went to the Asian stores yesterday and the newer Guerrison jars have stamped lids! But when it first came out in the states the lids were smooth!

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