To Sea or Not to Searun – Magma Bath Salt Oyaji

Greetings from my sick bed in Taiwan. But let me start from the beginning. I’m here visiting my friend who’s in one of those maternity clinics after giving birth to her first baby. Women here can stay in the hospital center for up to a month, and everything is taken care of. After visiting her, I binge shopped and went to Taroko Gorge and got severely sick. This is my first post on my Taiwanese haul:

I couldn’t resist the creepy woman cartoon on the Searun bath salts. They smell horribly medicinal and strong though. The packaging promised natural rock bath salts that help you sweat out toxins:

I did a quick soak to soothe my aching sick muscles and it seemed to have worked. It could also be the 800mg of ibuprofen I just popped.

Anyhow I love the kitschy packaging but probably wouldn’t get it again due to the strong smell. Then again maybe it’s good for when you’re sick…sorta like tiger balm or vaporub.

Pros: inexpensive, very popular so it must be somewhat effective, cute packaging

Cons: strong scent, very little in a packet.

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