Hail Hydra! – Sexylook Full Hydra Effect + Neck Cotton Black Mask

The Sexylook black mask series are a new fun find for me from the Taiwan trip. Because…dun dun DUN…they contain jellyfish extract (new species added to beauty regimen) and snail extract (classic favorite.)


Look at it; it contains jellyfish. Nom nom nom. I love eating them in dim sum…sliced and dipped in red wine vinegar…and I guess those gelatinous springy creatures contain some sort of hydrophilic quality that helps the skin?

Here’s the ingredient list


Some of these are different to me, as I’ve not seen them in masks before (urea, niacinamide, chlorphenesin, etc.) I think urea and niacinamide are supposed to be good ingredients for skin care products. Too lazy to look them up now. But JELLYFISH!

The mask promises a neck part, but really it just wraps under your chin. It doesn’t reach all the way down the neck. But there’s plenty of serum so you can spread the liquid over your neck. I also put some on my arms, hands, and feet (dats right, feet.)

The scent is sort of a vanilla tea smell. Very light and pleasant.   

Pros: nice smoothing effect, very hydrating, good price IF you buy in Asia (two 5-count boxes for about $12USD,) nice thick mask fabric, plenty of serum

Cons: neck part doesn’t reach neck, full hydra effect doesn’t actually give you Hydra properties (so if your head gets cut off, don’t expect to grow more heads.)

4 Replies to “Hail Hydra! – Sexylook Full Hydra Effect + Neck Cotton Black Mask”

  1. Haha! Your side note about the Hydra properties made me giggle! XD

    But thank you so much for reviewing this! I always see these at Watson’s and even 7-Eleven and was wondering if they were worth my money. Would you say they’re better or worse than My Beauty Diary? What about compared to other brands like Etude House and such?

    1. I think the mask is superior to MBD. It’s more expensive but that’s not to say more money more better 😉 The serum is not as generous but the sheet itself is much thicker thus less evaporation. Scent is more pleasant and “expensive smelling.” Less sticky upon removal.

      Classic is still MBD for the price but I loooove this new Sexylook formula. Not as readily available though. I will stock up next Asia trip.

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