Instajumma: Finally on Instagram @beautyandthecat

We’ve joined Instagram! Follow us @beautyandthecat. I’ll announce new posts there and also post FOTDs, mini-reviews that don’t end up on the blog, hauls and shopping finds, swatches from my makeup hoard collection, and other snippets.

I’ve been reluctant to join because it’s just one more thing for this ajumma (in internet years) to keep on top of.

I’m so old that…

…I was excited when we finally got dial-up internet and a CD player.

…I thought I was cool for using Netscape (as an alternative to the AOL browser of course).

…I used UDPP when it came in a genie bottle with a straight wand.

Point is, at this age, I’m not exactly an early adopter of anything (except for maybe cushion compacts). I don’t know if I’m doing the Instagram correctly, but follow us and see.

Any great makeup, Asian beauty, or cat accounts that I should check out?

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