Reining Champ- MOAR Horse Oil

My absolute favorite equine find from the Taiwan stash was the 100% pure horse oil that I got from some Japanese import store. At $30 it was very expensive compared to cheaper horse oil alternatives…but those cheapies smell like Malaysian beef/horse jerky.

Yes this is basically rubbing pure room temperature liquid animal fat on your body. Before you say neigh…consider that this is better than Shea butter. Being made of pure fat, it makes your body incredibly soft. Like butter on my cat Roxy’s butter belly soft. Yet after a few minutes your skin is supple and not greasy at all.

There is not one word of English but I can read the word “horse” and there’s a 100% sign on it. You can see the texture is a fatty liquid. It has no scent (the more expensive brands tend to be odorless) but I put two drops of Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille perfume oil in it so it smells superb.

Here’s my silky smooth skin after application:

I think the jar is supposed to be for your face but I wanted to luxuriate in supple horse fat after enduring the nasty northeast winter. Oh my goodness this horse fat is amazing stuff. I even put it on my severely damaged over processed hair after dying it blonde for an ombré effect (more on that later.)

Pros: everything! It’s such a great hydrating, softening, magical moisturizer. I put it on my face as well.

Cons: this brand says “Claudia Jensen” but I googled it and it’s impossible to find. There are alternatives on Amazon but not this exact jar. I will have to use sparingly.

5 Replies to “Reining Champ- MOAR Horse Oil”

  1. “There is not one word of English but I can read the word “horse” and there’s a 100% sign on it.”

    100% horse free! Jk! I am so fascinated with this stuff, but I feel so weird about it too. Is this suppose to also be edible (not that I would) or something, because it’s kind of packaged like peanut butter…

    1. Hahha I GUESS you can eat it in the case of a famine but you’d be drinking 100% fat. It doesn’t look appetizing. It is packaged like a jar of condiment now that you mentioned it, LOL

    1. In case you fall in love with the horse fat, I was browsing Wishtrend and saw the ElishaCoy Jeju Mayu Cream that has horse fat AND niacinamide. Btw, all your bee talk has worked. I’m going to get the Tosowoong Propolis Sparkle Ampoule (80% propolis!). –Angela

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