Just Call Me Kar-LASHian – Lash Extension Procedure

As an…extension of my “natural” beauty that can’t be wiped with a Kleenex, I got my eyelashes done today. Usually I use false lashes that would make drag queens jealous, but my friend recommended a lady that only costs $80 who makes house calls! Compared to my usual $140 plus tip at the salons, this was a bargain I couldn’t resist. Plus my friend’s pics looked amazing. So here I give you….my big lashes that could compete with a certain reality star.

So after getting my brows and eyeliner tattooed, I am on a roll to doll myself up to a point where I can get out of bed and jump right outside. That actually would never happen. That’s like saying Kim Kardashian can show up in public without 15 lbs of fake human hair. But hey, half way between fully made up and naked mole rat is still pretty good. Here are a few shots of me before the lash extension but after the tattoos (which btw have fully scabbed and healed after a full week)

You can see that the lash line has been darkened. The liner tattoo still looks very natural because it’s not extended outside of the corners of the eye. My tattoo artist explained to me that tattooing to the outside corner can cause the tattoo to drag and drop as you age. Makes sense to me.

I told the lash girl to put THICK 13-mm length lashes in the middle. She mixes 11-12mm towards the outside corners. I did not want the winged look because my eyes have that Asian slant. Also since my eyes are double lid but still hooded, a longer thicker middle makes the lashes pop out more and the eye appear bigger and rounder.

The more specific instructions you can give, the better you will like your results. This goes with any beauty service of course. Here is the side view. Sorry for my stubby ass unplucked eyebrows. Like I said, I went for a very dramatic look so this isn’t for everyone. But it suits me fine because I like dramatic makeup.

Here’s another couple of views. This was after a long day of walking around in NY humidity and I haven’t combed them out with a spoolie yet.

And to get an idea, when I am not raising my eyes to show the lashes, it looks normal and natural. Again I have upward slanting hooded eyes so the lashes show up more at the corners and less in the middle so the dramatic look is very much lessened head on.

Below is a pic without ANY makeup. It’s at Momofuku Noodle Bar and I’m tired and hungry as fk and my mouth is open so I can get that V-shaped jawline. Notice how much less dramatic the lashes look? It’s also partially because I am leaning a certain way. But trust me ladies, it takes a LOT to look “naturally” pretty. If you’re thinking of going natural, multiply the amount of application by 10 and you’d get the desired effect.

Pros: beautiful lashes, no need to glue false lashes on (I still do because I want Rupaul to be jealous when I go clubbing,) doe-eyed look all the time, your boyfriend will think you’re so damn hot naturally in the morning.

Cons: some ppl say extensions make their own lashes fall off. Personally it’s never happened to me. I feel that it’s an illusion because you’d be so used to long sweeping lashes and the extensions fall off so you’d be left with stubby real ones. In any case, they don’t last. It’s also costly and time consuming to keep up.

11 Replies to “Just Call Me Kar-LASHian – Lash Extension Procedure”

  1. I just did mine today! How do you deal with them getting wet and flopping into your eyes in the shower? And how careful are you with eye creams around the area? I know to stay away from oils and oil-based cleansers on my new Karlashes now but am worried about creams. And ampoules and serums and water oils. And sheet masks

    1. Oh I wasn’t 100% conscientious about taking care of them because I figured they’d fall off anyway. Basically you have to avoid ALL products around the lash area. To clean I used those Olay wipes but I did notice that some lashes fell off when I wiped off my eyeliner. Tis inevitable….sigh =( You just have to keep on coming back to get more lashes and pretty soon you’re addicted to spending $$$ on them. Be strong.

      1. I had a few fall out this morning already and it made me so sad. How long do yours last between fills? My lady said I should do every 2 weeks as I don’t have so many lashes in the first place, so I can’t afford to lose too many in between replenishing them. But oh god they’re so nice.

  2. These are gorgeous! I want them badly but have never really heard of a place or seen a place that does them. Considering I can’t even ask for a plastic bag in Korea, I’ll probably wait until I get home to get this kind of treatment. It looks awesome on you!

  3. Where’s your favourite place in nyc to go for eyelash extensions?

    Is there a visible difference in quality between the house lady and the salon?

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