Roth; it ain’t just a Retirement Plan – Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral Broad Spectrum SPF 45 Sunscreen

After being darkened to level “crispy” in Vegas I have been ever so thankful for good face sunscreen. And I can’t just take any face sunscreen, peasants. I have an allergic reaction that develops into measle-like rashes at one droplet of any chemical sunscreens. You can imagine the dilemma of being allergic to sunscreen in the summer. Voila! Mineral/physical barrier sunscreen to the rescue!

I saw this during my routine zen shopping therapy session at the local Sephora and HAD to have it. So handy! And plane-ready! Just in case you’re curious this is the stash from Sephora (except for that Lioele moisturizer which was generously donated by Cupidrop….more on that for its own review.)
The Peter Thomas Roth comes in a small retractable brush. To dispense powder, you twist, to close the cap, you retract the brush. There’s a whole diagram on it for some reason. It ain’t that complicated!

Note the allergy-friendly mineral ingredients. A lot of sunblock contains 4-7% titanium dioxide and zinc oxide but these are a whopping 19-20%!!! Those are the ONLY ingredients I tolerate so of course I was gonna buy this no matter what! At $30 for a measly  .12 oz this shit isn’t cheap. Forget drug dealers; the high rollers deal ounces of face powder to beauty addicts instead.

The mineral is pretty light. It’s pretty much the equivalent of Bare Escentuals mineral powder so I think I will try to refill this brush with BE if this runs out (not sure how to engineer it yet…) It’s not a super even application but the powder is sheer enough. Don’t expect it to be makeup or anything. It’s matte in texture and is a teeny bit chalky but I love the convenience factor. Here’s me with it on my full face of makeup. It takes off a lot of sheen so I think you can also use this against shine.

Overall I’m happy with this purchase even though my friend Amy didn’t like it. I guess the packaging can be wasteful of product fallout from the brush, and doesn’t feel like it’s doing much. I agree that powder/mineral sunscreen may not provide smooth/even coverage and AS MUCH coverage as lotions, but this is still doing SOMETHING.

Pros: convenient, lightweight, easy to apply, dry powder instead of messy liquid, high SPF

Cons: expensive, low quality scratchy brush head, uneven application, a bit of a chalky scent

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