YouTube: Now with MOAR Beauty and MOAR Cat


Because there’s such a shortage of beauty and cat videos on YouTube, we’ve started our own channel creatively called…wait for it…BeautyandtheCat.

Please subscribe 😀  And if you like a video, click “like” to let us know.  And if you don’t, click “like” anyway.  Haha!

Seriously though, we’re new to this and want to make videos that you look forward to watching.  Instead of a thumbs down, tell us how you might improve the video because a thumbs down won’t.

Upcoming vid: Trying out the Shangpree Gold Mask

YouTube is a natural complement to the blog.  The vids will cover the same topics–reviews, hauls, and swatches with a focus on Asian beauty stuffs–and will extend into demos and makeup tutorials, which we haven’t done much of here.

Videos just make for better tutorials than we can do with still photos and cat stickers.  And it’s actually pretty fun to learn to film and edit.  (And yes, we’re doing all this for fun and are amateurs, so keep your expectations in check.)

We’ve filmed several videos already and have MOAR planned.  We just need to actually edit the footage, argh.  Much respect for the hard work that YouTubers put in to produce quality videos. So stress, much hard.  How about instead of finished videos, we just put up screenshots of funny faces?  Hehehe.

Another upcoming vid: DIY cushion compact

I’ve been hemming and hawing on publicizing our channel but figured I should stop waiting for perfection (such as making a proper channel banner) and just share this with you all already.  After all, you guys know us by now and won’t be turned off by a giant Roxy photo as our placeholder banner.

Thanks for all the ❤ on the blog, Instagram, and now YouTube.

9 Replies to “YouTube: Now with MOAR Beauty and MOAR Cat”

  1. OMG you guys!!! I subscribed immediately. I am your tenth subscriber. You guys are the kind of beauty vloggers I would actually have fun watching. I can’t wait to see what shenanigans you come up with! Will Roxy be a regular guest star?

  2. Subscribed!! This is such amazing news- I can’t wait to see more of your videos! I just added like 5 lipsticks to my Sephora ❤ list after that video!

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