Tickled Pink – PinkSeoul’s July/August PLUS Subscription Box

Another couple of months and another sweet work surpurrrrrrise from PinkSeoul! The July/August PLUS box that was sent to us for review contained a couple of items that tickled many of our viewers: the Rose Essence Soft Cream Blusher from Skinfood and the Benton Fermentation, among others.

Behold the PinkSeoul July/August bi-monthly Subscription Box:

This is the July/August PinkSeoul PLUS Box. Skin type: Normal. Area of Focus: Pigmentation

PinkSeoul’s box comes with a thoughtfully written note about the essential concepts of Korean beauty routines. This box focuses on cleansing and essence, and for good reason. I NEVER go to bed without washing my face, no matter how drunk or overworked or manic depressive I get. Furthermore, Korean beauty routine emphasizes DOUBLE CLEANSING. So you wash your face with oil cleansers to get rid of those oil-soluble makeup residues (hello ultra waterproof eyeliner & mascara.) Then you wash with a water based cleanser. Double squeaky clean. Why? Cuz pimples that’s why.

Here’s another closeup of some of the full size products. Enticing eh? That breast/nipple looking thing is peach hand cream from Tony Moly btw. It smells like heavenly organic Whole Foods peaches y’all. And the Benton Fermentation Essence has similar ingredients to the SK-II essence but is a little thicker and odorless.

Further below is another shot of the contents. I’m generally too lazy to do modeling masks but they are very satisfying to peel off. Plus if they’re anything like the Shangpree ones, they leave a marvelous dew on your skin that lasts into the wee hours. I’m super excited about that snail hydrogel as well.

Notice the tiny pH strip that you can use to test your products. I’m not meticulous like that and immediately lost it somewhere in my drawer. Useful for many others!

I also love that ThankYouFarmer brand. They’re only foil packets but they packed a mighty punch and I’m curious to find out more. The essence and moisturizer were emollient but lightweight and disappeared into skin immediately. My face was supple and springy without any shine. Smelled nice too.

Here’s a closeup of that lovely cream blush (Skinfood Rose Essence Cream Blusher in No. 02 Milky Rose – a matte pastel peach-pink). Since I’m dark for Asian makeup colors I passed it to Angela. She likes it a lot. Melts easily under fingertips but she uses it with a stippling brush. Per A, it’s the easiest for blending the blush into a soft, natural flush on top of cushion foundation.

Indya from bellanoirbeauty helped us test out The Face Shop Rice Water Light Oil Cleanser. Her comments:

“As a cleansing oil, it does a pretty good job. But as someone that wears a full face of makeup, I need to double cleanse. It doesn’t remove every single trace of my waterproof eyeliner (Kat Von D Ink Liner). Love the smell – lightly fragranced, like fresh flowers maybe. It doesn’t bother me that it’s not a thick cleansing oil and I don’t believe it has any effect on how effective it is. I’m certainly going to use it up.”

Overall this box is satisfying. The Laneige sunscreen won’t last very long but it goes on light and non greasy. The hair ties are pretty secure but I’m not loving the young-ish iridescent bows. The other items are solid.


  • Benton Fermentation Essence – full size ($26 value)
  • Goodal Premium Snail Tone-Up Hydrogel Mask – full size ($10 value)
  • Lindsay Modeling Masks – full size? ($5.95 value)
  • Skinfood Rose Essence Soft Cream Blusher – full size ($18 value)
  • Tony Moly Peach Hand Cream – full size ($12 value)
  • Deluxe Sample Sizes – Laneige sun block ($2 value,) Thank You Farmer true water line ($2 value,) bow hair ties ($8 value,) a pH strip

Each PLUS box is $49.95 and ships every other month.

Pros: Timely shipping, use code FRIENDS10 for 10% off first box, thoughtfully put together collection of items great for beginners and veterans of Kbeauty alike.

Cons: the non-beauty stuff can be kind of random, but the products are on point.

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