My Space? – Girlactik Beauty Waterproof Eye Glaze

For the last couple of months, I’d been pulling some extra hours for the man. That means going straight from bed to my work desk and from my work desk straight to bed. That means…SOME makeup must be left at work. #Didntwakeuplikedis.

You know what’s the one thing you NEED? Eye primer in a champagne color! It’s actually truly essential. I use it as primer, shadow, and even highlighter. Picked this little-known beauty up at the Rite Aid in Brookfield (I also do shopping at pharmacies now, sob)

Behold my Space-Themed Waterproof Eye Glaze from Girlactik

($20 but no longer available on the website)

One of the principles in business is that price signals quality. Yep, worked for me. I happily shelled out $20 for  some shimmery liquid shadow from a little-known brand. There was a range of taupe-to-champagne tubes and the color I picked was the most neutral skin-tone one. I looked the brand up later and it’s also cruelty-free and vegan (wait is there otherwise animal products in my makeup? like fur? like whut?)

But DOES it work? The ingredients are at least full of various “extracts” which, the Koreans have figured, make the buyer think it’s “good” for you. I don’t know about the skin-saving properties, but at least this was made in the USA (in my home state no less.) So I know there’s LESS of a chance of this containing lead and turning my skin a geisha gray.

At first swatch, it goes on smoothly and the color pay off is solid. Waterproof? Meh….if you’re gonna shower or get into the pool….don’t count on this keeping your nicely blended smoky eye intact. It does provide a nice silky canvas for my shadows to stick on, even the most sheer & neutral ones.

I’m obsessed with shimmery bases because I think the micropigments in them actually grab on to whatever you layer on top fairly well. There’s absolutely no glitter fallout because this doesn’t contain any (though the brand Girlactik is supposed to specialize in glitter that sticks.)

I don’t have a photo of me wearing this because it really just looks like I’m wearing  my normal eye makeup. When using this as a base, it helps not to use too much because even eye primer can clump and settle in your eye crease. It’s not too shabby of a trial product, but I don’t know if I’d shoot for their other items because the price point is somewhat high for drug store makeup =\


Very pretty shade as a layer or standalone shadow/highlighter, keeps light eye makeup smudge-free through a 12-hour work day.


Not widely available, somewhat expensive.

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  1. Not a vegan so I could be wrong, but I would guess that the most common thing making beauty not vegan would be beeswax

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