Milk Maid: Himegra Premium Body Milk Review

Talk about curve appeal! The novelty of this kimono-festooned hourglass was impossible to pass up when I spotted it at New Kam Man (one of my and Renee’s must-shop spots for Japanese beauty in NY).

Himegra Premium Body Milk seemed worth a try ($14 for 280 ml on Webichi and about the same at New Kam Man). I’m on a (flailing) no-buy, but replenishing body lotion doesn’t count, does it? 

According to this page, the pink one is “white floral.” The body milk also comes in black (“dreamy bouquet”) and green (“sweet freesia”).

Pro tip: If this bottle were 36-24-36 (ahem), squeeze the 36 and not the 24 for more reliable dispensing.

The body milk has the consistency of a thin lotion, absorbs quickly, and provides lightweight moisture. Skin feels soft and smooth. Perfect for summer, and not at all like one of those worthless watery hotel lotions.

What is “white floral”? I’m terrible at describing flower scents–this isn’t BotanyandtheCat–so the best I can say is that it’s not lilies or roses, and it’s like a soft non-grandma perfume. I’m not always into floral scents (aside from roses), but I really like this one.

It lasts, too. If I sniff my skin an hour later, I can catch a faint whiff.

Pros: Total vanity candy. Not just gimmicky; actually provides non-greasy, non-sticky moisture with a soft scent.

Cons: Certain body/bottle parts aren’t as squeezable.

Himegra Premium Body Milk Ingredients:


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