All the BALL Things: News About My Balls & Volition Beauty

My idea for sunscreen balls feels like a neverending quest–even though the voting campaign only started in the spring. Good news: Volition Beauty has lined up a lab to start making prototypes. BUTT my balls won’t move any further unless the vote goal is met. So pleeeaase vote HERE. Only a week left! My balls thank you.

In other news, Volition Beauty is now sold at Sephora in select stores and online. Could my balls be on display and in your hands at a Sephora one day? I can only hope heh heh.

Renee and I stumbled on a display at the Sephora in Tyson’s Corner (in northern Virginia, just outside DC). Yes, that’s Renee in a catte shirt.

The selection mirrors those available on the Sephora site but is a fraction of the products that Volition makes and sells on its own site.

True to Volition’s mission, the products are distinguishable from a lot of the typical products out there:

  1. Detoxifying Silt Gelee Mask (Sephora link): A non-drying mud mask that is Volition’s best-selling product.
  2. Oceanene Youth-Boost Gel (Sephora link): An anti-aging moisturizer in a gel consistency.
  3. Helix AM/PM Eye Gel (Sephora link): A snail mucin eye gel that also works under makeup.
  4. Turmeric Brightening Polish (Sephora link): A scrub that smooths and brightens.
  5. Oil-Control Mattifying Mist (Sephora link): A mist that absorbs oil (but the third ingredient is SD Alcohol 40-B, which some say is drying and others say is beneficial when used in conjunction with other skincare ingredients).

I swatched most of these and they had lovely, elegant consistencies to be expected from high-end skincare. Sephora also has the updated rose gold packaging. Swoon!

2 Replies to “All the BALL Things: News About My Balls & Volition Beauty”

    1. Hi! Thanks for your interest in my balls 🤗 The sunscreen filters (and all the ingredients) are TBD and depend on my feedback about the prototypes that the lab will make. I’m open to both types of filters (and open to a mix). I do want my balls to look good on faces of all colors and to be moisturizing, which in my experience typically means chemical filters. However, I’m very aware that many people need or have a strong preference for physical filters (Renee is allergic to chemical filters for example), so I’d welcome physical filters if they final result is whitecast-free and moisturizing.

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