HG & HD: Chacott Quick Eyeliner Review

01 Chacott Quick Eyeliner ReviewThe Chacott Quick Eyeliner in 356 Black ($18 for 0.016 oz. at Chacott’s online store or oo35mm) claims to be appropriate for HDTV.  I don’t know about that, but it is a saturated, glossy, jet black, waterproof formula that applies easily and precisely through a brush tip.  It’s my new favorite eyeliner, able to survive all day on hooded, oily eyelids.

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Not En Pointe: Chacott Cleansing Water Review

01 Chacott Cleansing Water ReviewThe saleswoman had me at “ballet.” Chacott for Professionals is a Japanese ballet brand, she explained. Well if it’s good enough for prima ballerinas, surely it’s good enough for little ol’ me.

02 Chacott Cleansing Water ReviewAccording to the saleswoman, the Cleansing Water is supposedly comparable to Bioderma but cheaper. I’ve never tried Bioderma, so I can’t speak to that point. However, my skepticism about cleansing waters was borne out when I used Chacott.

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