Not En Pointe: Chacott Cleansing Water Review

01 Chacott Cleansing Water ReviewThe saleswoman had me at “ballet.” Chacott for Professionals is a Japanese ballet brand, she explained. Well if it’s good enough for prima ballerinas, surely it’s good enough for little ol’ me.

02 Chacott Cleansing Water ReviewAccording to the saleswoman, the Cleansing Water is supposedly comparable to Bioderma but cheaper. I’ve never tried Bioderma, so I can’t speak to that point. However, my skepticism about cleansing waters was borne out when I used Chacott.

03 Chacott Cleansing Water Review 04 Chacott Cleansing Water ReviewChacott Cleansing Water claims to remove “even the toughest stage makeup thoroughly and easily.” I guess ballerinas don’t use waterproof eye makeup then because this sure couldn’t remove my waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

I followed the instructions of applying the water with a cotton pad and then wiping off gently. Then I tried holding the pad against my eye for 10 seconds. Some makeup came off but it only seemed to clump my mascara’ed lashes together. I finally resorted to using my regular bi-phase remover to get everything off.

On the bright side, it removes non-waterproof makeup well without drying out the skin. It’s truly like water, leaving no residue or stickiness. And it was not tested on animals. Unfortunately, this was not the one-step solution for lazy nights that I expected.

Btw, I’m still loving the Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser for the fastest and neatest makeup removal. Sure, it’s not as easy as swipe-and-go like cleansing water, but with a little extra effort, I can remove even my waterproof eye makeup quickly.

Pros: Removes non-waterproof makeup easily and gently.

Cons: Cannot remove waterproof makeup.

2 Replies to “Not En Pointe: Chacott Cleansing Water Review”

  1. I like Chacott, but not their cleansing water. I could have told you it doesn’t work, hahaha! But… their primer, on the other hand – excellent.
    And not exactly ballet, but dance in general. This make up brand was developed for stage purposes, to hold up under bright lights, on sweaty faces, and still look good in pictures and on camera.
    You want cleansing water that just might remove waterproof make up? I haven’t investigated every post on your blog, but if you haven’t tried it already, take a look at Panna Pompa Cleansing Water.

    1. I’d never even heard of Panna Pompa so thanks for the rec. The Chacott was such an impulse buy that was motivated by thoughts of me being a ballerina :/ I didn’t even Google reviews.

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