I Pitera the Fool – SK-II Pitera Essence Set

SK-II’s famous pitera essence is from the legend of older Japanese women in a sake brewery that had youthful beautiful hands. Somebody pinpointed it to the yeast used in the fermentation process and this became the very expensive, exclusive, patented “miracle water” we know today.


I bought the Missha Essence (which either I or Angela will review) which is the knockoff version. But I still had that lingering desire to try this legendary real thing. The set is $105 at Sephora and contains a mask, the essence, and a watery clear moisturizer.

The mask is a thick Jason-from-Friday-the-13th movie paper mask moistened with the pitera solution. You leave it on for 5-15 minutes and discard it without washing off the miracle solution. I guess you can also keep the paper and use it for Halloween since Oct 31 is coming up.

The solution smells faintly of sake…mmmm. And tastes a little sweet. I happened to lick my lips and tasted some. I was NOT…ahem…trying to get drunk off my face mask. So since the mask had loads of this sweet fermented solution, it’s also sticky as hell after you put it on for 15 minutes and discard the paper sheet. You will want to wash this stickiness off, but don’t! You just have to wait for it to soak in. I was stingy and kept the mask in a zip lock bag because there’s enough solution in there for a second run.


After the sticky solution fully absorbed, my face felt incredibly soft and luminous. But don’t know if the effect was any different from the Missha essence or any other mask. I’ve been very lucky to have decent texture skin (aside from crazy allergies and freckles) so I didn’t have a particular problem to address like redness or acne or scars. Perhaps it can perform miracles on burns or something…but for now I don’t think I need to spend so much on this miracle water. I can do tap water just fine.

Pros: luxurious feeling after putting a $100 product on your skin, softening, brightening and luminous
Cons: pricey if you don’t really need a miracle, the miracle may be psychosomatic.

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